Monday, January 30, 2012


What words come to your mind when you hear this word? Maybe
  • Strong
  • Never backs down
  • Never fearing
  • Jesus
What got me thinking about this word? The movie Courageous. What a powerful, thought provoking and inspiring movie. I highly recommended to anyone wo hasn't seen this before to go and rent it or borrow from friends or family. Especially if ou have children. The movie is based more for men( fathers/mentors), but as a wife . mother it impacted me as well.
Another thing that the movie really got me thinking about was how I take for granted the time I have with my children. Yes somedays I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open and others I would love to be on a deserted island with food, books and dvd player. (All by myself) And then there are the days I just need that padded room. hahah But I should really take every moment even during those time when Kyle comes running up to me and says, "Mommy come play trains with me ", (Even if this is the fiftieth time playing it that day) :) I should run in the room and play it with him because no one knows how much time you have with your children or with anyone else and I want to be able to say. I was the best mother I could have been and have no thoughts in my head of," I should have done blank more with them".
   I just wanted to encourage you to see the movie and I hope it makes an impact on your lives like it did ours :)

    On other news, It has been a very stressful week for us. Tom was working alot of hours at work this week ( such a blessing and love him so much for doing it for our family!). Then on top of all that our Clothing washer died. UGH! Again! UGH! So we had to go and look at washers , which we really didn't feel like doing. There are so many new models out there! The simple living family we are only wanted a regular washer without all the fancy do dats on it. That is like finding a needle in a haystack! hahah But finally after traveling the whole way to harrisburg we found it!!! And it was on clearance!!! And here she be....

So excited!

     Other news, tomorrow is suppose to be in the mid 50's yay!! Come on Spring!! So the boys and I will be outside. I am going to clean up the outside a little and then doing a diagram of the this years garden at our house and maybe do one of the big garden. I know it is only the end of January and spring is a good bit away , but maybe this year spring will come early! :) A girl can dream! haha

So how was your weekend? What did you do? Have you gotten cabin fever already like me?! :) I would also love to know from those who have seen the movie Courageous, what did you think of the movie? How has it impacted you?  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!

~ Katie



  1. Hey Katie,
    I saw WOLC is showing the movie on a Sunday night in two weeks. I was thinking of walking down to see it!! I've heard so many good things about it.
    Also today we will be outside doing some garden prep too! Hurry up spring!!!!! I hope it's early too!

  2. oh yeah it is so good! Bring tissues! :)
    Yes, when tyler is napping and Kyle is at school I am doing some outside work today! I can't wait for spring! :) I'm so happy and excited to see how God is blessing your family!

  3. The movie for us also had a huge impact! It also challenged me to cherish those times with my children even when it seems like Im busy and life is crazy. There are many emotional parts in the movie but for me was the end and he is speaking to the church. My heart is yearning for more men to step up and be the leaders in their homes, the protectors, the providers and carry that responsibilty. Just with people I know and family etc... it really hit me. And as a wife Im not exempt either I need to do my part too. Since the movie I have taken each line of the resolution and committed it to prayer over my husband and will continue to do so. There is also one for women and I pray one over myself also everyday. We as the wives need to pray for our husbands, it is so important! I am excited to see how God is going to use this movie for His Glory!!!