Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A gorgeous summer day

Today it is a very nice summer day. The boys are in there room playing zoo. The dogs are napping or chewing on there bones. The laundry is dancing in the warm gentle breeze and the animals are laying in the warm sun chewing their cud.

As I look out my office window I think about how fast this summer has gone! With vacation, family coming and visiting, the garden, jobs, getting our new puppy and working on the breeding schedule/auction schedule for the the goats.

I'm glad I am taking time to sit and just enjoy the day. I don't do that very much anymore since life is so busy.

Soon our days will be filled with backpacks, packing lunches, homework and other fall activities! Our boys will be in 3rd and Kindergarten. How the years go by so fast!

We have also been living on our new homestead for 1 year already!! Looking out over our property we have done so much in that year and we are very excited about the plans we have for it next year.
Thoughts of greenhouses, expanded gardens, building a bigger produce stand, selling at farmers markets, selling our meat chickens, expanding our herd, putting an orchard in....

I am so excited to see what happens next year!

In 8 short days Tom and I will be celebrating our 9 year anniversary!!! I still remember how nervous but so excited to marry the man God had pick just for me! I still get that excited when the clock hits 5o'clock and I know he is headed home from work. How my heart skips a beat when I hear the car coming up the driveway! When he says I'm beautiful and loves me , just because he felt like it.  I am so thankful and blessed that God decided to let Tom be mine! Love you Tom and I can't wait to spend many more years with you!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend!

~ Katie