Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Just another day on the homestead

Today I woke up early got some laundry done, got my shower , getting ready to sit and do my devotions, when I  hear little foot steps coming up the hall. A certain 5 year old woke up early! So I went on about my morning of getting the boys breakfast, getting them to not read so much and eat more at the table, boys dressed, lunch packed. And finally got my coffee to take the boys out to the end of our driveway for the bus and then I was off to work.

So I go and open the door where I am greeted by 21 loud chirps! Yep, the meat chickens escaped their pen and decided they wanted to be free ranging chickens like our laying hens. So needless to say I through back my head with a loud, " UGH".  I told the boys to go ahead and stand down the driveway so if the bus came they could go on, while I wrangled the chicks back to their pen.

So as I walked to their pen the loud chirping followed me in a pile knowing I am the "food lady"! Thankfully the birds are lead by their stomachs so they are easy to wrangle. Finally got them all into their pen and left for work.

Got a bunch of  errands done, picked up Tyler from Kindergarten and home we went. Where... yep you guessed it we were greeted by meat chickens!( only 8 this time , but still!). I was at this point not in the mood for these guys. As I went in to put my things away and let the dogs out, I went in search of the chickens. I found them sun bathing in the dirt under the grape vine. So I shewed them back into their pen.

And as I write this I see them going after bugs and sunning themselves in the grass right in our front yard, yep they got out again. Today I just look out and smile. You win some you lose some! Ha!  They are enjoying themselves so much I will let them enjoy their time out there, and tonight figure out how they are getting out!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

~ Katie

Saturday, September 12, 2015

You know you have a turkey...

I never thought I would write about having a turkey, but some experiences you have to write about. Many told us that turkeys are dumb animals,  I have to agree on some degree they are a bit on the dumb side. Example: during a rain storm while all the other animals are running for shelter our turkey Thanksgiving finds it a better idea to run around  squawking.

I think they are actually very smart! During feeding time he doesn't wait with the chickens to get feed with them ( I mean it s just some scratch and there are 12 to compete with!). Thanksgiving decides to wait in the goat pen for their feeding time ( I mean corn, molasses and other good stuff), while the chickens are scared to get in there ( they may get a scrap or too) the turkey dives in and is right in the dish. I mean a may be 15-20lb. turkey going up against a 100lb. goat! The goats don't mind him and he eats right along beside him. So I think compared to the chickens he is a very smart turkey!

While I am picking grapes guess who is under the vines, waiting for the extras to drop to the ground.. yep you guessed it Thanksgiving. Are the chickens, nope, the goats ( I hope not then we have other problems! haha)

Then there are a few frustrations with owning a turkey,

1. While trying to plant mums in front of barn, you have to work quickly while having near misses with a certain turkey's beak. Because said turkey thinks your fingers in the dirt are a bug!

2. When you look out the window on a gorgeous day to see said turkey, taking huge beak fulls of your tomatoes that had just ripened and were going to be make into sauce or sold at our stand! AH!
( I am sure my neighbors think I am a little crazy as I have been none to run out and yell at the turkey to get him out of the garden! HA! and this may or may not have happened a few times in pajama pants!)

3. When you go and feed the cats only to hear loud peaking from the deck and the turkey ( and chickens) have discovered a new source of food!

4. Arriving home from a long day of errands, to discover a turkey has decided to go for a swim in your pool and didn't make it out ( this was our other turkey, Gobble).

Even with the frustrations of having a turkey , I am enjoying the adventure, the stories and in Nov. the meal he will bless us with. I can't wait to raise more next year!

Have any of you raised a turkey? What was your experience like?


Friday, September 4, 2015

Season is changing..

The season is changing....

Yellow school buses are seen everywhere, the garden is starting to get bare, prepping the barn, etc. for the winter to come, the fall decorations are being hung, apple picking is coming ( which means applesauce and apple butter!)

My favorite season is coming! The crisp leaves on the ground, the coolness of the air, wrapping up in blankets to snuggle on the couch and read with the boys. Start working on the crocheting of the wash cloth I started last year!(haha), get my pile of books from the library for my reading, And the excitement to see if there will be new baby animals on the homestead.

Right now with it being still very hot and humid it is hard to believe that time will be here soon. But I anticipate it  very much!

What is your favorite part of this season?


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A gorgeous summer day

Today it is a very nice summer day. The boys are in there room playing zoo. The dogs are napping or chewing on there bones. The laundry is dancing in the warm gentle breeze and the animals are laying in the warm sun chewing their cud.

As I look out my office window I think about how fast this summer has gone! With vacation, family coming and visiting, the garden, jobs, getting our new puppy and working on the breeding schedule/auction schedule for the the goats.

I'm glad I am taking time to sit and just enjoy the day. I don't do that very much anymore since life is so busy.

Soon our days will be filled with backpacks, packing lunches, homework and other fall activities! Our boys will be in 3rd and Kindergarten. How the years go by so fast!

We have also been living on our new homestead for 1 year already!! Looking out over our property we have done so much in that year and we are very excited about the plans we have for it next year.
Thoughts of greenhouses, expanded gardens, building a bigger produce stand, selling at farmers markets, selling our meat chickens, expanding our herd, putting an orchard in....

I am so excited to see what happens next year!

In 8 short days Tom and I will be celebrating our 9 year anniversary!!! I still remember how nervous but so excited to marry the man God had pick just for me! I still get that excited when the clock hits 5o'clock and I know he is headed home from work. How my heart skips a beat when I hear the car coming up the driveway! When he says I'm beautiful and loves me , just because he felt like it.  I am so thankful and blessed that God decided to let Tom be mine! Love you Tom and I can't wait to spend many more years with you!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend!

~ Katie

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Spring is here ..... life is busy

Well you can tell spring is here and life is busy. Because my posting has been horrible again! Sorry about that. Moving animals, getting new chicks to add to the flock, and raising more meat chickens, plus the garden, getting canning things ready, starting a new job and having the boys home for the summer now.  Yeah life definitely hasn't slowed down! HAHA

I love it though, just need to remember to take time to sit and enjoy all of it! And not just rush through life, missing the beauty of it all.

I am sitting enjoying the cool breeze coming in the house window. Relaxing after helping our barn cat deliver 5 beautiful kittens! Sadly I am relaxing with a box of tissues and a horrible cold. But God knows how to make you sit down and relax when He wants you to huh?!

So while I am here I thought I would update on things going on around our homestead:

We are on the look out for a buck , for our does in the goat herd. We are also looking for another doe to add to it as well.  We are hoping to get them all bred so we have babies in time to sell at auction during holidays. ( Higher price for them at that time)

We added 5 more layer chicks to the flock to get us up to  total of 12. Which we will be selling the excess eggs to put back into our farm and to put toward paying our house off.

We made hay on one of the fields we are allowed to graze the goats on. Stored that in the barn so we have it for winter. Will help save money on buying so much during winter.

A lady at our church Darlene Hoffman, gave us some raspberry plants! So I planted those the other day so excited to finally have those back on the homestead! Can't wait to make jam with the berries next year and many years to come!

We are sad that this second batch of chickens didn't do so well. We lost a lot because something broke the fencing we had around the chicken tractor. So 2 separate times we lost a bunch and are now only left with 3! We are grateful for these 3 though! We will be ordering another batch here shortly , before those come we will revamping the chicken tractor for reinforcement, so we don't loose anymore!

I think that is all so far, but since my brain is a little stuffed up from my cold, I may have missed something but will put that in another post.

Hope you are all having a wonderful time on your Homesteads! Don't forget to stop and take it all in! :) 


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sorry for the long gap between posts

I'm still here! And I will be blogging and soon. Life and Spring has happened on the farm and it has gotten very busy around here!

So don't worry I will be back on here shortly!

Hope you all are doing wonderful!

~ Katie

Monday, March 16, 2015

Another nice day

Today we had a pretty nice day, the sun peaked out every once in a while, and the temperature was nicely warm. We can now see grass in our yard! The snow is still present in the far backyard but thankfully the front pastures and the garden have been uncovered.
Now we just wait for everything to dry out, as of now the pastures are like a swamp ( so is the garden). So anxiously awaiting it to dry out, to be able to plow the garden and beginning planting!!!

My mom came over today, which we always enjoy! She helped plant more seeds inside for starts. We talked about the garden and where to plant things. Got me excited to get out there and plant things. (Patience is not my strong suit!! HA)

Well to update you on more homestead things:

The meat chickens we have now are going to be 3 weeks old on the 19th.  Three more weeks till butchering. Our layer chickens will be arriving in 2 weeks, and in about 3 or so weeks our second batch of 20 meat chicks will arrive! So live will be getting a whole lot more busy and a whole lot more noisy! HA! We are so looking forward to all of these animals coming  and how blessed we feel that God is letting us take care of them and for us to be able to give thanks for the food He has given and provided for us.

This spring we are still thinking through if we will be adding to our goat herd with an addition of another doe or two. We are still thinking about this and nothing definite has been decided. ( But of course I'm leaning more toward the YES MORE GOATS!!! )

We have talked about so many other projects and goals we would love to do on our homestead! Tough to know they won't be all accomplished this year but will be keeping them  on the list for the next few years.

Anyone else having any new additions to their homesteads?