Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our girls

 Just wanted to do a quick update on our girls : Today we had the vet come out and check on our girls. Everything is great with Cupid, who the vet  said will be  kidding probably  within this month or the beginning of next. Yay! We can't wait for babies!

Clemmy had an okay check. We have been worried about her a bit. She kept getting gunk ( like scabs) in her nose and we  would go out and moisten them off. Poor thing. And 2 days ago noticed her limping on her front leg. So the vet took a look and said she seems to have a  upper respitory cold. So she is now on penicillin for 5 days. Her foot has an area that has foot rot. UGH! ( it has been so wet and yucky out here) So the penicillin should help take care of the infection and we will be putting some Kopetox on it to help dry and heal the hoof. She has to also be separated from the rest of the goats and off pasture,till it is healed.   I felt so bad for her. So just to see if she was pregnant , which we didn't think she was, the vet did an ultrasound. And guess what.......SHES PREGNANT TOO! She is due around or a little after Cupid!

We are so excited! There will be babies coming soon to Daisy Hill Homestead and we can't wait!

Well sorry for such a short post! Will be getting our 2015 goals typed up and ready! Then will try to post about the garden and the animal additions we will be adding!


Monday, November 17, 2014

The time we have...

        I read an article/ post  a friend posted on Facebook  yesterday and it really hit me. It is called  How 936 Pennies Will Forever Change a Parent. It really got me thinking about how we don't have a lot of time with our kids as they are small. The time goes so fast and we have to make sure we use all that time to love them, teach them, play with them. It makes you think of how you have been spending your time or those days you feel like running outside into a pasture and yelling at the top of your lung, because they ask you the question "why" after everything you tell them.

       I need to still cherish those moment no matter how much right now they may not be a moment I want too. Before we know it, they will be going off to college and I don't want to have the thoughts did I spend enough time with them, did I teach them everything I needed too, did I pray for them enough.

      I'm definitely going to challenge myself to do more of this and to remember to love every moment I have with my boys, because before you know it they will be men and the pennies in the jar with be gone. I hope to challenge you to do the same with your loving children!

Here is the post if you would like to read it :

What are your thoughts? As moms of little ones can you relate to this? Moms of older kids/ adults I would love to hear your thoughts on this too.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

When winter begins...

In the mornings when the sun is starting to rise and you can see your breath as you make your way to feed the animals. Where you are greeted with ice covered water( which you try to fill with the hose that has frozen over night) and hungry animals looking out of their barns. These are a few signs winter is here. Or when you go to let the chickens out and they insist on sitting on the roost instead of journeying out the into the cold.

But also the beauty of when you are walking back to the house and the sun shines off the morning frost that is over everything. It makes you stop and thank God for even these type of beautiful moments. What a blessing it is to see the land you hard on, being so beautiful.

Though winter is not my favorite season, it is still a beautiful and time to relax ( as much as you can when you have a homestead), before the planning of gardens, livestock, etc. So as winter is just beginning make sure you take the time to just enjoy the little moments of God's beautiful creation.

Updates on the homestead: We are starting to feel more settled in on our homestead. The animals are all doing well. Cupid our one doe is still Very pregnant, is still not showing any signs of laboring anytime soon. I am hoping she does before a really bad snow comes. I think either way we will be thrilled just to have our first birth on the homestead and the start of our business! We have a new animal on our homestead , it is my mom's pet pygmy goat Elijah. He is a real sweetie and Kyle especially are enjoying having him here. We are picking up my mom's other goat, a female, who had yet to be named on Friday. So Elijah will have a friend. Our girls are not big fans of having him on the homestead so hopefully the girl will help.

We are also anxiously awaiting not only the first birth on the homestead , but also the first egg. The girls still haven't started laying yet , so hoping they start next month! I am looking forward to some fresh homestead eggs!

That is all that is new on the homestead so far, this winter there is a lot of planning and maybe even expanding going on for spring! I will keep you all updated as things happen! Hopefully I can get on here more often  then I do now!
What is your weather like around you guys? What do you do to prepare for the winter with your animals and your homestead? Is anyone planning their garden for next year yet?

~ Katie

Monday, September 1, 2014

Our two new additions to the homestead!

        We are excited to show two new additions to our homestead ! Meet Lady (gray striped) and Stephen

(black) , the boys wanted to name them after trains from Thomas the Tank Engine. We are hoping these two

will grow up to become great mousers and companions. We are already getting alot of laughs from them, as

we watch them chase their tails and each other. The boys also like playing with them, with the toys they have

made them. String, aluminum foil rolled in a ball. We are also enjoying some loving snuggles!



Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A mini Tour of our homestead

I went around the homestead this chilling morning and took some pictures of our homestead to share.

This is our front pastures:

Our Driveway

Standing in the middle of the pasture into the backyard

Concord Grape vine


Our Garden (with fall crops)


Chicken coop (left) Goat shed (middle) Tom's workshop(right)

Back of house, deck , pool , temporary laundry line

We have really settled in here. We have introduced 6 Easter Egger chickens to our homestead and will be also getting two kittens on Sunday to have a home here :) Still amazes me that we went from a small house in town with a dog and two rabbits, to now having a bigger house, yard and 11 animals! God is so Good and we surely do give HIM ALL THE GLORY  for all He has given us! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I know this is a touchy subject for a lot of people. But I am wanting to know your input on this. What is modesty to you?

For me modesty is for me to dress covering everything nicely. ( not saying long sleeves dresses). But I have two sons and even though they are young. I want them to respect me and the way I present myself and I  hope one day they will want to find a girl who does the same.

Today's styles I can honestly say, are NOT my styles. I am not a mall person, I will gladly stay on my little homestead and be very happy. But the last time I went to the mall I was shocked at a lot of the clothing. I couldn't believe how short the skirts and shorts were, how low the shirts were cut! Any one else feel this way??

A lot of people who know me, know that I am a tomboy. But I am still a girl who likes to dress up when I can.  I was searching for a company who was feminine but also modest, this company hit the mark!  She has beautiful clothing and other things for not only women but girls as well. I would recommend checking her company out.

Also, if you have time she writes a great blog as well! Go here to check it out! Every Monday she has a Modest Monday , where she shares a picture of what she wore a day that week. Also has some great things about homeschooling as well.

Just a thought on my mind and was curious what your thoughts were!


Monday, August 4, 2014

We have finally made it!!!

Well we are here on our little homestead in the country!!!! We have been a week now and wow has it been busy. We have moved all our things into the house and the boxes are lessening, thank goodness!
It is starting to look like a home.

We have begun somethings on our homestead to get back ready for animals. We have planted pasture grass in the front yard which will be used for rotational grazing the goats. We will have about 4 paddocks. so we are hoping it grows well. We have been having  some wonderful rain showers to help the seeds along and beautiful sunny days as well.

The chicken coop is underway! My husband built a stand for our nesting boxes , the set up look like something like these nesting boxes. We wanted something simple and easy to clean out, which these looked the best. We are going to be using an old ladder to make their roost out of as well. Thank you Pinterest! haha   We will be getting some Easter Eggers chickens in 3 1/2 weeks. These types if you don't know , lay a pastel colored eggs. We thought these would be a nice kind to have for when we start selling them. Next spring we will be getting some Black Australop,Buff Oprington, and some Rhode Island Red. We still have not decided what type of meat chickens we are going to get, we are still researching that.

This week/weekend I am hoping to plot out the area for our garden next year. So we can plant rye and field radish to break up the ground. ( Plus using the chickens).

Only things left that we have done are hang temporary laundry lines till we can go and get the poles for the permanent line.

Other then that we have been just enjoying the quiet and beautiful sounds of the country, ( and the gun shots from the shooting range every once in a while )  haha.  We are so amazed and blessed that God has put us here and pray everyday we use it to His Glory! This Homestead is not ours, but His , we are just the managers of it.  We hope to use this homestead as a place of  fellowship, love, comfort, friendship, and to bring Glory to His Name!

~ Katie