Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As I sit.....

         As I sit down on our couch and finally put my feet up after a long day of cleaning and packing. I look around at our little house and how empty it has become.  It is a bittersweet feeling right now looking around and seeing all your things gone.  We are so excited about our move to our larger homestead, but remember all the memories at this one.  Such as: being our first house when we got married, bringing home our first dogs (Mosley and Rex), bring both of our sweet baby boys home and watching them grow. Lots of firsts and lots of lasts that have happened here. Lots of laughter and some tears were shed in this little house.
Lots of first with my homesteading ...making noodles, butter, canning, pressure canning, raising rabbits, raising chicks, growing fruit trees, gardening, etc.

       So many ask me will you miss your house. Oh yes I will miss this little house with all of our memories, good and bad.  I will cherish those moments/ memories always.

     Now we are excited for this new journey on a new homestead. We are excited for the new memories and experiences we will get to experience as a family. We know there will be hard times and good times, but all we need is to remember that as long as we keep God first and follow His loving Will and Guidance , we will have an amazing journey!

    So come along with us as we go on this new journey on our new homestead! Invite your friends to come along as well !

~ Katie