Monday, February 27, 2012

Bunny hutch makeovers and seeds sprouting!

Well I painted the bunny hutch yesterday with the first coat of paint! It is looking great! I am hoping to get a second coat on it today. :) I will be planting flowers around the bottom when it is warmer of course :)

Other good news some of my seeds have sprouted!! My iceberg are the first to pop through! So exciting! Now if only spring would get here! haha

Sorry so short again but a gorgeous day today and there is laundry to be hung out! :)

What is going on around your homestead!? I would love to hear! Have a Wonderful Day of homesteading! :)
~ Katie

Friday, February 24, 2012

Our bunny

Today was the day we brought home our newest member. "Happy". She is a rex/holland mix rabbit, about 10 weeks old now, and just adorable. She is very friendly and deals with the boys well.
We are all excited about our new addition especially the little farmer and little Hoss! :)

I have been doing some sketches to see where we want the hutch placed and things I want to add to it. I will be painting the outside barn red to match our shed and have white accents as well. I will also be planting flowers around . I will post pics when I have started! :)

Sorry such a short one :) Have a great evening!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What a beautiful day!

It was almost in the 60s today! yeah I am loving this winter. Every winter could be like this :) Today we did alot outside to clean up a little. I did hoe up a bit of the garden ( little farmer and Little Hoss helped me with their tractors and diggers). I then got the itch to plant some seeds inside. So I have Roma tomatoes, Iceberg lettuce, spinach and green peppers in my window sill. I know I am early but I couldn't help it! hahah

Little farmer , Little Hoss and I went to the pet store to also get things we would need for our new addition! yes I am very excited. We will be adding a little black and white bunny to our family on Friday, whom little farmer has dubbed as "happy hoppy". We will call him happy for short . I love seeing him get so excited over having a pet he is taking care of "by himself". We are also looking into getting him into a 4-h sometime. Bunnies for now and when we get the land he can work his way up to larger animals.

I am writing this while making snicker doodles ( yes they are my weakness along with oatmeal raisins) While listening to blue grass and enjoying the peace until tomorrow morning. I hope you all have a peaceful evening and enjoyable rest of the week!

God bless,
~ Katie

I hope to have a review written up about what I thought of the book Calm my anxious heart by Linda Dillows. So stay tuned! If you have read it I will love to know your thoughts on it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Kids, chores and rabbits

As a parent do you have chores for your children to do? Do you have chores that your children get money for doing? How do you determine which chores they got payed for and which ones they didn't?

I am wondering this because the little farmer wants a rabbit(s) (deep down so do I ) haha . We are trying to think of chores for him to do for money to save up for the food for this rabbit. (not a definite we are getting it, because there are still some factors we are figuring out.) But I am curious how you choose which chores they get paid for and which chores they do not . The little farmer does have chores, but these are chores he does on a daily basis with out getting payed.

Also, wondering those who have bunnies. What do you like and dislike about them? What is something you would tell someone who is getting a rabbit,that they have to know before doing it?

Thanks for any input!

~ Katie

Learning on being patient and compost worm bin !

On saturday the little farmer and I made a compost worm bin for inside. We had a lot of fun together. Here is how we did it:
What you will need:
2 plastic tubs ( one of the lids from the tub)
Screen (from an old window or screen you have bought) ( or from a father in law who had some he wasn't using :)
Duct tape
coffee grounds
food scraps
2 bricks or rocks

We started by drilling 1/8 inch holes around one of the plastic tubs.

Then we lined the tub with the holes with the screen and secured it to the tub with duct tape.( the screen is there to make sure the worms don't crawl out but also to strain all the compost tea that will come out and go into the bottom tub.)

Next we cut up newspaper into strips and tore cardboard up into pieces then we wet those with a spray bottle. Only get them really moist not dripping wet.

Then we added the coffee grounds, the food scrapes and leaves.Then you mix it all together. I have read to leave it sit for a week. Which is when our worms are suppose to arrive so that will be perfect!

I will keep you updated on the progress of our compost bin :)

For about a month now I have become very bitter about not having a farm. I have prayed about it a lot. But my mind keeps wondering why God has us on hold here. We are so ready and passionate about farming yet he keeps us in a place where we can't do it. I have to remember the verse I use for the journey we are on , that is at the top of my blog. Jeremiah 29:11- "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord... " Plans to give you hope and a future."
I know he has a plan for us and will use our passion for farming some how . I just need to keep praying for patience and wait for the plan to come through. But this is so hard when you have no patience! hahah
Well that is all for today! I will post again this week , not sure on what yet. Whatever is on my heart :)

Have a wonderful day!

~ Katie

Monday, February 13, 2012

What a couple of weeks!

Our weed started out with Tyler having a horrible cough, runny nose and a high fever. So we rushed him to the ER when he was having issues breathing because of he cough. Here we found out our poor guy had Croup. So we got steriods for him to take, but just didn't seem like he was getting better. So the next day we took him to the ped. She said yes he has croup, but also has a double ear infection and lung congestion. What?! My poor guy! So he was put on meds. again.
Then the next day Kyle was coughing as well, but it didn't sound the same as Tyler's. But to be safe we took him to the doctor's. After the doctor checked him out , She told us he has pneumonia! So she put him on an antibiotic. They are both on neubulizer treatments and are back to acting like themselves.

I have now started with a really bad head cold, but I am glad it is me and not the kids or Tom. :)

On other news I have been organizing my baking supplies. Tom got be a bunch of 5 gallon buckets with lids from work. I have a different colored lid for each flour. I will try to have pictures up soon. So much easier to keep large amounts of flour, ect. in these buckets that way they aren't taking up room in my pantry. :) Where do you store your flour or baking products?

Garden news:
I have recieved all of my seeds. We are just waiting on our blueberry bushes to arrive. I let Kyle look at the catolog with me and saw these bushes he wanted to try. So we ordered two up with my mom. We are excited to see how they do this summer.

Have you ordered any unique plants or seeds you are going to try this spring? I hope you all have a wonderful week!

~ Katie