Monday, November 17, 2014

The time we have...

        I read an article/ post  a friend posted on Facebook  yesterday and it really hit me. It is called  How 936 Pennies Will Forever Change a Parent. It really got me thinking about how we don't have a lot of time with our kids as they are small. The time goes so fast and we have to make sure we use all that time to love them, teach them, play with them. It makes you think of how you have been spending your time or those days you feel like running outside into a pasture and yelling at the top of your lung, because they ask you the question "why" after everything you tell them.

       I need to still cherish those moment no matter how much right now they may not be a moment I want too. Before we know it, they will be going off to college and I don't want to have the thoughts did I spend enough time with them, did I teach them everything I needed too, did I pray for them enough.

      I'm definitely going to challenge myself to do more of this and to remember to love every moment I have with my boys, because before you know it they will be men and the pennies in the jar with be gone. I hope to challenge you to do the same with your loving children!

Here is the post if you would like to read it :

What are your thoughts? As moms of little ones can you relate to this? Moms of older kids/ adults I would love to hear your thoughts on this too.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

When winter begins...

In the mornings when the sun is starting to rise and you can see your breath as you make your way to feed the animals. Where you are greeted with ice covered water( which you try to fill with the hose that has frozen over night) and hungry animals looking out of their barns. These are a few signs winter is here. Or when you go to let the chickens out and they insist on sitting on the roost instead of journeying out the into the cold.

But also the beauty of when you are walking back to the house and the sun shines off the morning frost that is over everything. It makes you stop and thank God for even these type of beautiful moments. What a blessing it is to see the land you hard on, being so beautiful.

Though winter is not my favorite season, it is still a beautiful and time to relax ( as much as you can when you have a homestead), before the planning of gardens, livestock, etc. So as winter is just beginning make sure you take the time to just enjoy the little moments of God's beautiful creation.

Updates on the homestead: We are starting to feel more settled in on our homestead. The animals are all doing well. Cupid our one doe is still Very pregnant, is still not showing any signs of laboring anytime soon. I am hoping she does before a really bad snow comes. I think either way we will be thrilled just to have our first birth on the homestead and the start of our business! We have a new animal on our homestead , it is my mom's pet pygmy goat Elijah. He is a real sweetie and Kyle especially are enjoying having him here. We are picking up my mom's other goat, a female, who had yet to be named on Friday. So Elijah will have a friend. Our girls are not big fans of having him on the homestead so hopefully the girl will help.

We are also anxiously awaiting not only the first birth on the homestead , but also the first egg. The girls still haven't started laying yet , so hoping they start next month! I am looking forward to some fresh homestead eggs!

That is all that is new on the homestead so far, this winter there is a lot of planning and maybe even expanding going on for spring! I will keep you all updated as things happen! Hopefully I can get on here more often  then I do now!
What is your weather like around you guys? What do you do to prepare for the winter with your animals and your homestead? Is anyone planning their garden for next year yet?

~ Katie