Monday, February 20, 2012

Learning on being patient and compost worm bin !

On saturday the little farmer and I made a compost worm bin for inside. We had a lot of fun together. Here is how we did it:
What you will need:
2 plastic tubs ( one of the lids from the tub)
Screen (from an old window or screen you have bought) ( or from a father in law who had some he wasn't using :)
Duct tape
coffee grounds
food scraps
2 bricks or rocks

We started by drilling 1/8 inch holes around one of the plastic tubs.

Then we lined the tub with the holes with the screen and secured it to the tub with duct tape.( the screen is there to make sure the worms don't crawl out but also to strain all the compost tea that will come out and go into the bottom tub.)

Next we cut up newspaper into strips and tore cardboard up into pieces then we wet those with a spray bottle. Only get them really moist not dripping wet.

Then we added the coffee grounds, the food scrapes and leaves.Then you mix it all together. I have read to leave it sit for a week. Which is when our worms are suppose to arrive so that will be perfect!

I will keep you updated on the progress of our compost bin :)

For about a month now I have become very bitter about not having a farm. I have prayed about it a lot. But my mind keeps wondering why God has us on hold here. We are so ready and passionate about farming yet he keeps us in a place where we can't do it. I have to remember the verse I use for the journey we are on , that is at the top of my blog. Jeremiah 29:11- "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord... " Plans to give you hope and a future."
I know he has a plan for us and will use our passion for farming some how . I just need to keep praying for patience and wait for the plan to come through. But this is so hard when you have no patience! hahah
Well that is all for today! I will post again this week , not sure on what yet. Whatever is on my heart :)

Have a wonderful day!

~ Katie


  1. Katie,

    I compost with Red Wiggler worms and love it! Never needed the screen (once the worms settle from shipping - they love their home). My bedding is shredded paper and leaves. And I too mix in used coffee grounds. My worm food is veggie and fruit peelings or cores or spots that you cut out. My worms love cantaloupe! Be careful not to add too much fruit or veggies at a time. And if it drips out "tea" it is TOO WET! Carol

  2. Thank you so much Carol! I will use those tips! Yes we are getting 200 Red Wigglers :) Thank you so much for the advice, commenting and visiting my blog!

  3. Katie,
    I have just done the same thing and can't wait for some compost although I know it takes a little time. I appreciate your words about the future farm. The housing market collapse affected us deeply. We bought our house for an investment, big enough for my terminally ill brother to stay with us. He is gone now and my daughter will be leaving the nest soon. This will leave just my wife and I in a 4 bedroom house on a small lot. Just the opposite of what we want. We want a small house on acreage. Almost overnight we found ourselves 150k underwater and stuck indefinitely. Believe me we have been tempted to walk away like many of our neighbors but it doesn't feel right. We are trying to do the best with what we have and be grateful for a good job.

  4. Thank you Larry for commenting. I will be praying for you guys as you go through this rough time. We are doing the same, as much as we can with what we have.

    We have a 650 sq. ft. home with 4 people and a dog. So we wouldn't mind a bigger house, but we are fine in this one. We just want acreage and be able to raise animals. ( goats, pigs, chickens and even a cow ) We barely have a yard here. more like 3 strips of grass hahah But I am grateful for all God has given us that is for sure.
    I hope you will come back and let me know how your compost worms are doing! Thank you again for posting and sharing your story!

  5. The second post I have read this morning on worm composting. Great job!

  6. Thank you Clint! And thank you for stopping by!

  7. Katie,
    You are awesome and someday when you get your land you will already know exactly what to do with it! I'm sure that all of the knowledge that you already have will make it such a wonderful transition when you do get your homestead. We are the opposite. We've started everything from scratch and I'd LOVE to know half of what you know :) Even without your farm you are a HUGE inspiration to me!! Also...You would be welcome to borrow some of our land to use for something while you're waiting!

  8. Thank you so much Georgia! I can't wait to have a day to chat!! :) Georgia thank you for your offer! :) You are an inspiration to me as well! You have done so much that I can't wait to do! And have made a wonderful homestead!!!