Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing , cranberry sauce, these are a few things many people think about when you say that word. I think of those things to but as I also think about family. The memories of Thanksgivings past.

I remember when I was younger getting ready to head over to my grandma and grandpa's house. Coming in the door and being greeted by my grandmother who always gave us a hug, a kiss and a hold of our face to say she was so glad to see us.

I would then wonder into the kitchen to see my grandfather with the turkey or he was working on his special glazed carrots, which were a big favorite of mine! He would always have a smile on his face which would bring a smile to yours.

We would get all the things ready for the big meal. Table was set, drinks were poured, and everyone was seated. Another fond memory I have was the battle of the black olives, between my mom and my uncle. We always thought it funny that they would move the dish of olives closer to their own plates.

My grandfather would say grace and we would all dig in. Conversations , laughter, stories of when my parents were younger or when my grandparents were younger. Desserts of many were then brought out and enjoyed.

After our bellies were full, dishes would get done and then we would sit and talk or play checkers in the living room.

I remember and love those memories of those Thanksgivings. Even though we don't get to celebrate them like we did and my grandfather is no longer with us. I feel him there every year and know we will be with him again someday!

What are some of your favorite  memories of  Thanksgivings?

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!