Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is here!

Well things have been busy here at our little homestead. Lots of planting going on! I have the raised beds filled with green beans, potatoes,peas ( which are already poking through the ground),cucumbers,cauliflower and lettuces. Everything is starting to show their heads already! Yeah I know I was early getting the seeds in but the weather was calling me! hahaha

An update on our worms... We are proud parents of more worms! hahah they are producing babies! They are doing a great job with eating everything and making nice poopy for our garden hahah. Here are some pics....

We made a run for Happy to give her more of a "condo" then a one bedroom apartment. hahaha She is loving it! I see her in the mornings laying out enjoying the quiet and the sunrise. I admit I love it too! haha

News on the basement it is coming together great! the 2 coats of primer are done and we have some color on three of the walls and hope to have the rest on by the end of this week. Then the second coat and then the walls are done! All that is left is painting the ceiling, the floor and the barn doors we are making! yay!

I am still working on being content with where we are living. Every day I grow impatient on why we are still here when there is somewhere else we could be doing something so much bigger. But for some reason God still wants us here, so here we shall stay until He wants us to move.

Here are some pics of our homestead so far this spring! Hope you all are doing well and sorry this is so short the computer is acting up and I atleast wanted to get something posted since it has been so long!

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lots Happening!!

Well alot is going on here on our little homestead. We finally have dry wall up and it is getting spackled today and 2 more times during the week. We should be able to paint by this weekend!!!! yay!! Here are some pics to show the progress

Other news, I have been wanting raised beds but since the Farmer has been busy with work and things he just hasn't had the chance to build me any. And with this weather I am getting pretty anxious to get them made. Well at his work he found boxes they used for shelving and they can be stacked on each other, they were perfect for raised beds and best of all they were free!Added benefit if we move they can be folded up! So I ran to the hardware store with little farmer and little Hoss , got a gallon of white barn paint, and now they look great! I have two more to put second coats on, but all in all they are ready to be filled. Farmer and I went on a date night while mom-mom and pop-pop watched the boys for us. Thank you! So while we were out we went and picked up 10 bags or topsoil. Then went and picked out the flooring and paint for the basement.

Here are before and after pics. of the raised beds,

We also made a run for Happy to hop around in, so she has more room to move around during the day. She loves it and we used all scrap materials around the house which we enjoyed and so did our wallet hahaha

New in the garden: The seedlings are doing great! I have about 5 roma tomatoes coming up , I have about 10 or more pepper plants , broccoli, cauliflower, lavender, celery, oregano,leeks,cantaloupe, and many more. since this will be our last year with the big garden we are wanting to put alot in to preserve.

Well that is about it for now.Lots to do today. What is going on on your homesteads? What are you growing in your gardens this year?

Have a wonderful day!