Monday, November 28, 2016

Where I have been

It has been forever since I have been on here and I have missed it!! I have been working a lot and life has gotten busy!

Thankfully the winter season is upon us and life is finally slowing down. There are some things going on at the homestead that I haven't been able to share.

Sadly, I didn't get to preserve a lot of the garden this year :( But hopefully I will have things planned out better next year and get a lot more canning and freezing done.

We just got 3 more does to add to our goat herd and will be getting a buck here shortly to be able to have some babies this spring! Slowly getting our herd back up and growing!

I am going to start planning the garden for next year shortly and can't wait for the seed catalogs to start rolling in! Anyone else??

I have been making a lot of premade mixes and doughs to make life a lot easier around here. Things got so busy I was getting depressed that I didn't have time to make a lot of my homemade things and we were eating a lot of premade things. So happy to have the time to get back into doing it!!!!

Our chickens are doing great. Our eggs have gone down right now, as a lot of them are going through molt right now. But thankful we are still getting some to enjoy ourselves and to be able to sell.

We are getting the homestead ready for winter, getting heat lamps set up and water heaters ready. Even though we are already having to change waters because of ice in the mornings.

Winter can be a depressing time , and a time where I can't wait for spring : to get back into the garden, to hear peeps from baby chicks being hatched, to watch and hear baby goats running and playin in the pastures. But winter is a time for us to be able to recharge, to plan for the coming year and get excited about how we will grow our homestead. I am hoping next year to be able to add a pig to our farm to be able to have meat for our family, but we will have to plan that out a little more. We are hoping to get more produce put up and be able to sell fresh vegetables at a farm stand as well.

So for now we will , be excited about next year and enjoy the planning and the anticipation of what is to come this next year. We continue to feel blessed to live this life and be able to produce food for ourselves and for others to enjoy! That is what we love and our passion, to be able to sell fresh eggs, produce and meat to others and hear how much they enjoy it!

Here is to a new season of planning and another season of our journey. I hope you will join us, as we continue this journey back to our roots!

~ Katie