Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A weekend away

Do you every have that feeling when you just need a weekend away? You know no kids, unplug and go do something fun kind of feeling?

Well, Hubby and I are starting to plan a weekend or a little longer away for this summer. I really want to go to Lehman's in Ohio, but also want to look into  a Bed and Breakfast on a farm. Even one that wouldn't mind some help feeding the chickens, milking the cows or just some good homesteading talk while making breakfast .  A place where I can sit on a front porch, sip some coffee while over looking green pastures with cows enjoying the sunrise with me.  Just the sounds of birds, chickens and farm animals. No cars, trucks, or town life. Just the quiet of the country.  Oh how I would love that!  I will keep you all updated on the end result ! :)

Do any of you have any favorite places like this? Where do you all go when you just want a weekend away?

Would love to hear any recommendations on Bed and Breakfast places like this!

Hope you all have an amazing day or night depending where you are reading this.

God Bless,


Saturday, April 27, 2013


Well the Lord is really teaching us the lesson  of patience.  Tom and I were going to look at a homestead that was perfect for what we wanted, well God had other plans! The day we were going to go to the showing our realitor called and said the house was under agreement! ( it was only on the market for about a week). If that   wasn't God shutting the door I don't know what! LOL So he obviously didn't want us to move there.

So we will keep looking but just wait for God to point out the perfect place for us! Its out there somewhere! :)

Other news, we are beginning to make a list of places we would like to go this year for summer vacation. We like to stick around the area and do day trips. We are definitely planning a day trip to the beach since Kyle hasn't been there since he was around 1 yr. old and Tyler has never been. Even if the kids don't want to go in the water, we will have a fun day in the sand! Other vacation ideas are the zoo and aquariums around. The boys love animals and fish so I think that will be a big hit for them!

And one of my favorite highlights will be when I have a summer break from work and get to go to our local farmers market!! I haven't been there in so long and truly miss it! Tom and I are also going to be going to the animal auction that the farmers market has in the evenings there. To see how much rabbits go for so we have an idea of how much we will be getting for Happy's babies.

News about Happy, still looking for a male to breed her . It is seeming to be quite a trick to get the breed we are looking for in this area. All breeders of this breed seem to be down south. But we will keep looking!

The garden is doing really well. We are enjoying some lettuce from it already! I didn't get my tomato seeds started soon enough for my tomatoes or peppers ( hectic life and cold), so I will be going to get those at a local greenhouse. Hopefully next year I will be on top of the seed starting a little better.

I have been reminding myself to pray throughout the day for all the blessings that my family and I have, even the ones that I think are small! I encourage you to be thankful and pray to Thank God for every little blessing He has and will give you! Without Him none of this ( our little homestead, vegetable garden, my children, loving husband, our little house, food on the table, coffee (haha had to stick that in there)  Would not be possible!

God bless you all and your little blessings God has given you!,

~ Katie

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello everyone!

Yes I am still here! Things got very hectic with getting the gardens started and doing some projects around the homestead. Also I came down with a cold that I am still fighting off and so has Little Farmer T.  So as we are fighting this and hoping no one else gets it . Things are kind of calm here for now.

We are still on the hunt for a male meat rabbit to add to the homestead to start breeding Happy . But so far no luck. If any know of a good breeder of meat rabbits would love info.!

The Farmer and I are looking around more seriously for bigger homestead to move too. We are fixing this homestead up and are hoping to get ready to move hopefully by next year. ( Unless the Lord has other plans).

How are your homesteads doing? Any new projects? Would love to hear about them.  I am hoping to do more of  a garden update soon with pictures! Should have it up by the end of the week. Hope you all are staying healthy!!

~ Katie