Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A weekend away

Do you every have that feeling when you just need a weekend away? You know no kids, unplug and go do something fun kind of feeling?

Well, Hubby and I are starting to plan a weekend or a little longer away for this summer. I really want to go to Lehman's in Ohio, but also want to look into  a Bed and Breakfast on a farm. Even one that wouldn't mind some help feeding the chickens, milking the cows or just some good homesteading talk while making breakfast .  A place where I can sit on a front porch, sip some coffee while over looking green pastures with cows enjoying the sunrise with me.  Just the sounds of birds, chickens and farm animals. No cars, trucks, or town life. Just the quiet of the country.  Oh how I would love that!  I will keep you all updated on the end result ! :)

Do any of you have any favorite places like this? Where do you all go when you just want a weekend away?

Would love to hear any recommendations on Bed and Breakfast places like this!

Hope you all have an amazing day or night depending where you are reading this.

God Bless,


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