Friday, December 18, 2009


I love Christmas. Something about this time of year that makes everything okay. It doesn't have to deal with the presents or all the media about what everyone thinks Christmas is about, I think it is about knowing that Jesus was born this time of year that makes me go , yeah we are okay , because Jesus was born and took all those problems and put them on himself for us. So we can not worry about things, He has everything under control. I love that feeling!

This year Kyle helped me set up the tree, which was so much fun! He loved putting the ornaments on and clapping everytime one was put on the tree. It was the best time seeing how happy he is with just decorating a tree and not caring what is underneath it. The world could learn alot from a child, about what is important and what isn't.

This Christmas we will be spending the morning with Tom's parents and the afternoon and evening with my family. It will be so much fun! I love hanging out with family!

Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
This is a little late but wanted to let everyone know we are pregnant with #2!! Which we are so thrilled about and can't wait for another addition to our family. God has truly blessed us!

Tom , Katie , Kyle and the little one to come :)

This is a little late but wanted to let everyone know we are pregnant with #2!! Which we are so thrilled about and can't wait for another addition to our family. God has truly blessed us!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Tom and I just celebrated our 3 yr. Anniversary yesterday. I can't believe it has been three years! A lot of times it feels like we have been together for much longer. :) I can't imagine my life without Tom! He is such a loving and Godly example of the man God has blessed my life with. The things he does to encourage me, or just sit there and listen to me babble on about my day. How he fixes things that I can't, wants to do the best he can for his family, how he works hard at his job to bring a paycheck home so I can stay home with Kyle. Seeing what amazing father he is to Kyle makes my heart light up. He would do anything for us! It brings tear to my eyes just thinking about how much he is willing to sacrifice for us and for others.

He has such a servant heart by working with the youth and for being a volunteer firefighter for our community. How he is willing to risk his life to help others. I love him so much for that and his passion for it! You are an amazing man of God Tom and I am so blessed to spend the rest of my life by your side!

Words can't describe how blessed I am to have him! I thank God for bringing Tom into my life.

Thank you Tom for 3 wonderful years and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dollar Tree

I am so in love with the Dollar Tree! I can get so much stuff for so little! We got Kyle a coloring book, crayons , and a noah book with a cd of the story, febreeze, wet mops for my swiffer, baskets(2pack), bucket for cleaning and mouse traps for drum roll! 9.48!! I am thrilled that cuts my shopping list down to a good bit and for cheap! :)

I am will post one of the meals I love to prepare on a small budget to help anyone who may like a new meal idea.

coupon blogging

I am new at coupon blogging but it is alot of fun and you learn so much. This lady just amazes me. Check her out:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Praise Be To God!!

We are getting very excited about our search for a house. We just look at one that is way in our price range and gorgeous! We are still praying and asking you all to still keep us in your prayers as we hope this will be the last time we will have to put a bid in on a house. We are hoping we start getting more bids in on our house as well. But To God Be The Glory and His Will be done in this situation. Thank you all for your support, it is greatly appreciated and needed! Thank you again! :)

Tom Katie and Kyle

Friday, June 12, 2009

God's Will

I have been really thinking about God's Will today. I know He is really teaching me patience with this whole house thing. And I can't help but feel that I have nothing to worry about, He has it in control. I am willing to move where ever God wants us to move too. And I know Tom feels the same way.

God has blessed us so much with a great job for Tom, the ability for me to stay home with Kyle( which so many moms can't) , we have awesome friends and family, a roof over our heads, food on the table, good health for all of us. We are truly blessed! I thank God everyday for what he has given us!

I think of all the families that I hear about on the radio or even the tv, who have lost their jobs and don't have any money to feed their kids. And we could easily be one of those families if it is God's Will. I am thankful that something like this did happen to our economy, so people can see they can live on less and be just as happy as if they had all the money in the world. I want God's love and my family more than any money in the world. I really hope everyone going through this recession realizes that life is not about money, it is about God, the family you have and the oppurtunities you take to help others that are far more worse then you.

God is an amazing God! I can't wait to be with Him! I just really wanted to talk about how God is showing me that He is in control and He will give us what we need. :)

On another note, the few weeks/ months coming up are going to be exciting! We are going to the Outer Banks with my side of the family for a week. I will be sure to post pics! :) Then July 9 th will be Kyle's 2nd Birthday! Where did the time go!!!! And then August 19th will be Tom and I's 3 yr. Anniversary. I love you hunny! I can't believe it has been three years already! I have loved every minute of it! So I am sure we all will be keeping busy! Hope you all are doing well as you read this.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our house

Our house is officially on the market!! It is a scary thing, but also very exciting. We are still looking for a house for us, which is seeming to be a lot harder then anticipated. We have put bids on houses but no one wants to lower the price at all. So that is very frustrating. We are just praying and knowing God is in control of all of this and he has the perfect home for us! In his perfect timing we will get one. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! And if you know of anyone who is looking for a great starter home or just a cute little house, let them know about ours. Here is the MLS code
150293. Just put that in on and it should come up for all to see. :) Thank you also for taking the time to read our blog!

Tom , Katie and Kyle

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our journey into buying a house

We are on the journey of buying another house. This is a cute 2 story bi-level with a half acre of land and lots of room for our family to grow! :) We put a bid on the house last Friday and they bid back at full price, so today we are making our last and final bid on the house. If they don't take this bid then we are off to look for another.

This is the second time we are doing this with a house. We are praying and know others are praying for us and we would like to send out our deepest thanks for your thoughts and prayers during this stressful time. We know that God is in control and His Will , will be done in all of this. So please we ask that you keep up the prayers for our guidance and the outcome God wants this to be for us.

I will be sure to post pictures if we get it for you all to know.

Other updates:

Our Vacation with the family is coming up in a quick 21 days!! We can't wait we will be going to the Outer Banks with my parents, my sister and her family, my dad's cousin and his family. We are renting a house down by the beach! We can't wait it can't come soon enough. Tom and I haven't been on a vacation like this since we have gotten married which is soon to be 3 yrs. in August. So we are REALLY looking forward and needing this! LOL I will post pics as soon as we get back!

I think that is all for now. I hope everyone who is reading this has a great day! Off to clean the house again! :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tom's new Job

Tom has started a new job at Charles R. Groff Red Ball Moving Company ( Which he loves and so do I. This job is such a praise! God really blessed us with this one!

Tom's old job was a Milton Hershey School, where he worked with the dairy and agricultural center. His hours were never the same, he would have to work holidays and he would work weekends!

Tom only needs to work 4 hrs every other saturday and has a normal shift all week. He will also have holidays and Sundays off! This was something that was heavy on our hearts and God answered our prayers! Praise God!