Monday, February 20, 2012

Kids, chores and rabbits

As a parent do you have chores for your children to do? Do you have chores that your children get money for doing? How do you determine which chores they got payed for and which ones they didn't?

I am wondering this because the little farmer wants a rabbit(s) (deep down so do I ) haha . We are trying to think of chores for him to do for money to save up for the food for this rabbit. (not a definite we are getting it, because there are still some factors we are figuring out.) But I am curious how you choose which chores they get paid for and which chores they do not . The little farmer does have chores, but these are chores he does on a daily basis with out getting payed.

Also, wondering those who have bunnies. What do you like and dislike about them? What is something you would tell someone who is getting a rabbit,that they have to know before doing it?

Thanks for any input!

~ Katie


  1. We had a lop-earred bunny for several years. She was nice. She was even housebroken. She was great with the kids. One thing I didn't like was that her pen needed cleaned out at least twice a week because we kept her in the house. So even in the snowy, cold winter weather, we had to clean her cage and take her "droppings" and litter stuff outside. But she was a great pet.

  2. oh I love the lop-earred bunnies! But I haven't found any in my area. Our rabbit(s) will be outside. But thank you so much for the advice!!! And for commenting!

  3. We had rabbits also for a year or so. We tried having one indoors and it didn't work (same as above...must clean out pen b/c they smell). We also found that outside they smell REALLY bad too. You still have to clean out their pens a lot and you will need somewhere to go with all the droppings. The droppings under the pen will attract all kinds of bugs and worms (not earthworms). And if you have a dog or your neighbors do, expect them to relentlessly be trying to eat those droppings! LOL! Our experience was that we liked the rabbits as pets, but the smell (and I'm talking about keeping them in the backyard, not indoors) was unbearable. You would need to have them far away from your house (and neighbors' houses) and maybe have a fence up to keep dogs & other animals away from the pen and droppings.

  4. oh really. wow I didn't think they would smell that bad if you kept the droppings picked up. Can you use their droppings for fertilizer? I thought you could or to put in a compost pile.