Monday, February 13, 2012

What a couple of weeks!

Our weed started out with Tyler having a horrible cough, runny nose and a high fever. So we rushed him to the ER when he was having issues breathing because of he cough. Here we found out our poor guy had Croup. So we got steriods for him to take, but just didn't seem like he was getting better. So the next day we took him to the ped. She said yes he has croup, but also has a double ear infection and lung congestion. What?! My poor guy! So he was put on meds. again.
Then the next day Kyle was coughing as well, but it didn't sound the same as Tyler's. But to be safe we took him to the doctor's. After the doctor checked him out , She told us he has pneumonia! So she put him on an antibiotic. They are both on neubulizer treatments and are back to acting like themselves.

I have now started with a really bad head cold, but I am glad it is me and not the kids or Tom. :)

On other news I have been organizing my baking supplies. Tom got be a bunch of 5 gallon buckets with lids from work. I have a different colored lid for each flour. I will try to have pictures up soon. So much easier to keep large amounts of flour, ect. in these buckets that way they aren't taking up room in my pantry. :) Where do you store your flour or baking products?

Garden news:
I have recieved all of my seeds. We are just waiting on our blueberry bushes to arrive. I let Kyle look at the catolog with me and saw these bushes he wanted to try. So we ordered two up with my mom. We are excited to see how they do this summer.

Have you ordered any unique plants or seeds you are going to try this spring? I hope you all have a wonderful week!

~ Katie


  1. Hello there! First time stopping in and really enjoy it! Wanted to invite you to my blog as well, having a give away:

  2. Thank you Clint! I am glad you like it and hope to see you again here! :) I will definitely be checking your blog out! Thanks for stopping by! :)