Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am wanting to get more organized as one of my goals. So I am thinking of things to do to become that. I found some cute ideas and thought I would share. :)

Love this idea for the kitchen. Can't wait to go yard saling and hopefully find jars like this for cheap! :)

For our stand up freezer downstairs! Love what Homestead Revival posted here

Does anyone have any other ideas for organization in the any room!? I would love to hear about them or see them! :)

Have a Wonderful day!



  1. I love the chalkboard paint and jar idea!!! Really good plan!!! Im going to use more of the under the bed space and buy storage containers to fit. I love organizing!!!

    1. Yeah I love the paint too! We use the under the bed storage containers for our winter clothes, then visa versa during the seasons. :) Thanks for commenting!