Friday, January 6, 2012


Wow really! Is it already here! Craziness! I guess with kids the years go by faster like they say. Well I am pretty happy with last year. We became DEBT FREE!!! yay!!  I skimped out on alot of my goals so this year I am determined to do my whole list! I have a personal/family and a homesteading/simple life list.

I will give you my homesteading/ simple life list. 

Here we go.....

-Keep making laundry soap! ( i didn't do this one alot last year)
-start a new compost pile/ bin.
- get 2 or 3 blueberry bushes
-can and freeze as much as I can from the garden and trips to roots's . Didn't get much canned or frozen.
-Watch less tv. ( whole family, but also want to lower our electric bill)
-blog daily or at least once a week.
-buy 1/4 or 1/2 beef cow
-learn to make a rag rug/braided rugs
-start sewing and making things ( I have a sewing machine just screaming my name)
-Try raw cows milk and make things from it such as butter, etc.
- find more energy efficient ways to do things

I am sure will add more. I am keeping it simple since I have another list of goals.

Personal goals/ family

- Stay better organized and find an organizational system that works best for us.
- Finish at least 4 books this year
-devotionals daily ( struggled with this last year since I have early rising children around 6am and I am exhausted by 8pm but no excuses it will get done!)
- finish the basement , maybe even the kitchen ( we are working on finishing our basement into more living space)
-Remember when shopping is it a need or a want
- Go on a date night at least once every 3 months.
-Keep using coupons( love that word) haha
-Start saving for Kyle's schooling and for Tyler's
- Save 3-6 months living expenses
- be as frugal as possible.

So there you have it . My list of goals this year. I would love to hear any of your goals! :) Hope you all had a wonderful christmas and a great start to the new year!

~ Katie


  1. Mine is ..Boy I have a list
    Refurbish a old barn raise a steer, CAn more than last year and last year was over 500 quarts :) Can more meats .SAVE ALL MY SEEDS So I do not have to rely on buying them so much .Put up a small greenhouse .and enjoy a nice quiet year .LAST YEAR WAS VERY STRESSFUL WITH 2 DEATHS IN MY FAMILY .
    Oh yeah My grape arbor need to go up the grapes are growing :)

  2. I love your list! Oh, and the debt free thing is AWESOME. I too love the word coupons and have a binder full of them.

  3. Congrats on being debt free! What a great accomplishment! My hope is that we can be debt free before we retire...darn student loans :-) Love your lists too!

  4. Thank you Trixi! Yes I have a binder of them too! hahah If only the ink in my printer would last longer :)

  5. Thank you Heather! I am excited about that too. We still have our house to pay off but hoping that goes quickly! :) Thank you for commenting !