Friday, January 13, 2012

oh boy!

Tomorrow is a big day around here! My husband has off and has asked some of his friends to come over to work on the basement! Yay! We are hoping that they will get alot done and we can start hanging drywall soon! Yay! I will post pictures after they are done to keep you updated!

I went to Sharp Shopper with my dad and my boys. What a fun time! :) If you aren't from this area, Sharp Shopper is a discounted grocery store. I could spend all of our bank account stocking up on things( don't think the Hubby would approve! LOL)

Tyler our youngest has his 18month old appt. today at the pediatricians. Where has the time gone!? Our oldest starts kindergarten next year! Can't believe it! It does go to fast!

Today I am working on ways to bring in extra income to help the family out and to use to save for the boys college funds. 

What ideas do you have for bringing in some extra cash? What do you do? I would love to know! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend if I don't blog before then! :)

God Bless!


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