Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today I was counting change from our "Farm jar". This is a jar we put our spare change or change we find. It is where the money for are farm is being saved. :) It is nice to see the coins from somebody's jeans pockets while doing wash ( the hubby's) and put it straight into the jar.

Doing this with the jar is so much fun for me! Watching the coins slowly build up in the jar, it makes me think of how to us getting a farm is going slow ( at least to me it does!), but we will soon be blessed to have one!

Kyle gets a quarter or other small change when he helps me out around the house or outside. He had 3 jars to put the money into. One is for Spending, one is for Savings, and the last is for Giving.  He has told us the Spending jar money is for a Thomas train he wants and a donut ( hahah kid cracks me up, but hey it's his money) . The money in the savings jar, he has said that is for his chickens and  the sheep he wants to buy when we get our farm or as he would put it, " When we get to build our barn!" haha.

I love when he asks me if we can sit and talk about what our farm is will be like and the animals we will have on it. If this isn't enough motivation for us , I don't know what is! And to see just the spark in his eye when we talk about it. God has blessed us with such beautiful children and with excited hearts about everything. It motivates me to be more excited about things, even the little stuff! :) My children and husband are such a motivation to me, to do things to make our lives better and more fun!

Now more then ever we want to give this kind of farm life to our boys , who are already passionate about our life on a farm/homestead!
God has a plan and we are on the journey where He wants us! We are all excited to see where it leads us all! 

How are you motivated to have a simple life, homestead, etc.?
I would love to here what motivates you and what you are motivated to do.

Have a Wonderful Day!

~ Katie

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  1. I have had lots of things to motivate me lately. But the need and want to simplify and oganize is exciting! God has been showing me things in my life and as certain areas change everything will come together in His time. So I begin a journey of my own to become more organized and simplify. I am motivated to set an example to our kids. God has impressed upon me to really focus on whats important in this life and what he has entrusted to myself and Scott. Thank you so much for your encouragment and wisdom as I go on this journey!!!