Sunday, January 31, 2016

Some changes on the blog

There will be a little change to the blog. It will still deal with homesteading things still, but it will also be changing as our homestead will be as well.  My husband is going back to college! He will be starting college classes this coming month (Feb.) and with  4H, my work, school and daily life. Life on the homestead is going to change.

We are selling all but 1 of our goats ( my mom's is staying of course) and will not be starting a herd up again until my husband finishes college classes or me just might never again. That is in God's hands!  I know we will get the people who say " you are giving up!", "this was your dream and now you are letting it go". To those people , we are not giving up! We have thought about this, prayed about this, and feel at this time in our lives we need to give some things up for now. While this time in our lives will be stressful, hectic and just need to have "space to breathe". For those who are supportive of this , we thank you so much for your congrats, and prayers as we go on this new journey God has planned for us!

So if you see meals that are from a box( shriek!), or not organic. Don't get upset please. Once again we are working on paying our house off , as well as having really hard schedules. So yes I will more then likely have something not homemade on my menus, and yes we won't be buying a ton or organic, I will try my best to get to farmers markets and still support local farms as much as I can. (Wow sorry for that run on sentence). To those who do want to judge that is fine. Once again though we are going through a time in our lives will I am going to sacrifice for a better later. ( Any way sometimes it I nice not to have to cook! Can I get an amen!?)

The blog will also have more book reviews, bible discussions, verses that have impacted my life or make you sit and really think on it as well. I am trying to dig even deeper in to God's word this year , to strengthen my walk and relationship with God ! So I hope you will share what God is doing in your life and what books, verses, and quotes you would recommend that have really impacted your life!

So that's it! I hope you all stick around for the amazing journey God is taking us on!

Once again thank you all for the great support and prayers!

Have a wonderful Sunday!! God Bless!,


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