Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My first Aldi trip

This was my first time ever at an Aldi store! I was quite surprised how much organic stuff they had, how nice their produce was and was impressed with their prices. I would definitely go there again!

If you have never been to an Aldi, you will need to take a quarter to get your cart (don't worry you will get this back at the end), you will need your own shopping bags and your cash or debit card (they don't take credit cards). They have many great products chips, baking items, dairy items, fresh produce, meats, etc. They also have an aisle that had things like workout mats, blenders, car supplies, etc.

After your shopping is done and you check out. You will unpack your cart in your car and return your cart where you will get your quarter back! So if you are in the area or just like checking new stores out like I do. I would definitely check out an Aldi store. Okay see here is what I got and the prices.

Aldi shopping trip:

Baby Spinach: $2.49 (organic)
Rigatoni pasta: $1.29
Honey crisp apples: $3.99
Navel oranges: $3.49
Turkey Pepperoni: $2.19
White cheddar popcorn: $1.79 (organic)
Multi colored peppers: $1.69
Can of kidney beans: $0.59
Butter:$ 4.58 (total for 2)
Jennie -0 ground turkey(3lb. pkgs): $11.98 (price for 2)
Large eggs:1.45 each (got 2) Our chickens aren't laying!
String cheese: $ 2.79
Dried apricots:$2.89
Mini Babybel:$2.89
Kefir:$2.49 (got 3)
Pita chips: 1.99
Baby spinach:$2.49 (organic)
Granny smith apples: $3.99
Quinoa chips:$1.99
Spring mix: $2.49 (organic)
Can of Cannellini beans:$0.65
Squeezable applesauce: $1.79
Kiwis: 1.49
Sharp shredded cheddar:$2.79 (got 2 bags)
Goldfish crackers:$1.85
Organic rice cakes:$1.59
Turkey bacon:$1.89
Trail mix:$4.89
Olive oil spray:$1.49
Multi grain chips:$1.69
Sour Cream:$1.29
Dried Blueberries:$2.45
Total: $95.61

Box of Chex cereal: $3.89
Box of Cheerios:$3.89

Grocery budget left for Jan.: $55.65

I can say we are fully stocked for a long time! The only thing we will need to get the rest of the month will be milk, etc.

Have you gone any great shopping trips lately? Do you have a favorite store you like to shop? I would love to hear it and feel free to post a picture too!



  1. Katie ,Hubby and I read your blog together ,we loved reading it ,we commented to each other How healthy ,you are eating ,and what great deals you got with your money ,Great Post!!

  2. Thank you so much Homesteadtessie and your hubby for reading! We are trying to eat as healthy as we can on a budget, we are not perfect! haha I want to do this series to show others that you can find healthy food and still stick to your budget! Thank you again for reading and following!

  3. we have no Aldi store here in maine, but once a year when we venture out into the real world we visit one in MA on the way home and fill the truck to stock the pantry. love it!

    1. That is so great Karen, you can at least you can get stocked once a year! Every bit helps!