Friday, February 5, 2016

January food budget total

Okay so this is a little late getting up. January's budget, ugh, well I did go over around $50-70. With the large snow storm that hit us. I did not factor that in that coming and everyone being home! I t really did in our pantry. We were seriously bare bones. So I had to get some essentials to stock it up again.

But February is a new month! So we have another month to keep it at or below budget! Yay!! I did notice I didn't do a full menu plan for January. I find that it really does help me stay on budget, if I have a menu plan written out. Do you find this as well?

So I have spend some in February already. I bought some Clorox wipes, cereals, milk and napkins. ( I am missing something in there but that's okay).  Sorry no picture or shopping list!

Shopping trips to Darrenkamps and Weis: $ 45.62 ( Is it just me or are things getting more and more expensive!)

Total: $45.62

Left in February Budget: $304.38

How are your budgets doing? Did you overspend too? Did you go under!? I would love to hear about it!

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