Saturday, February 23, 2013


     I don't know about you, but life sure throws a lot of distractions  my way. Busy schedules that we just keep adding too, school things for the kids,( Oh no it's your snack day! haha) , adding more and more on your plate sometimes, media (facebook( I am a frequent person on there! :) , tv, ect. I forget to slow down and live the simply life that I love so much and want for my family .

     Today was such a relaxing day! I went out to breakfast with my mom and my sister. We then went to a fabric store ( I am not good at sewing at all, I can do buttons!!! ha) , but I got fabric to make a table runner and some place mats . I am really wanting to learn to sew. I see it as something relaxing that I can do to have time to think, pray and just listen to God.  Something to take me away for a little from all the distractions life throws my way.  Do any of you sew? What are your favorite things to make?? Any tips for a newbie?

Here is a picture of the fabric I got at the store:

This is what my mom bought for the boys room. They love it! ( Okay I admit it , I am a weebit jealous):

         I am going to work on not having so many distractions in my life  ( and learning to say NO to things, really hard for me!)  . Spending more time with my kids, my husband and just living that quiet ( as much as it can be with two boys running down the hallway making train whistle noises!) , and enjoy all the blessings God has given my family and I. Thanking Him for this wonderful life we have and for the future plans He has for us!

So I just want to encourage all of you to slow down. Put those distractions away for an hour or two, and do something you love or try something new! Have that time for you and your family as well!

Remember to enjoy the simple things in life! Don't forget to stop by the 100th Barn Hop over at New Life On a Homestead!


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  1. This is a great reminder to everyone! Im excited to see what you make from the fabric! I will have to check this store out!