Friday, February 22, 2013

the end of our 1st week

Well in a couple day we will be ending our first week eating naturally. I know I have missed days of telling you meals and photos. I apologize but life became a little hectic! haha So I will try better to do this next week. I am pretty happy with how the week has been going. We have had a fruit and veggie everynight , like I said before we have always done this, but I have tried doing them in different ways.

Week #2  I think will once again be pretty easy since all we drink at home is water, hot tea, coffee and rarely  juice.  ( week 2 is only water , coffee, tea and 1 glass of juice for the week, coffee and tea can only be sweetened with natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and honey)

I have been already starting to ween myself off of the sugar in my coffee so it won't be so hard!  ( I love me some coffee with sugar and milk!) The hubby is on a business trip this coming week so I am reminding him of the rules! haha We shall see when he gets back how he did.

I am trying to work researching recipes that have no sugars in them, but substitutes like applesauce, ect. Does anyone have any really good recipes like this, breads, muffins, cookies? Anything would be great!

Last but not least! (sorry for all the rambling! I have a lot on my mind! haha)

I am working on a post of a movie I just saw: Farmageddon. Have any of you seen it? I will be writing about my thoughts on this movie ! That will be coming Saturday I am hoping! Can't wait to hear other's views on this movie!

Hope you all have an amazing day!!


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