Saturday, February 16, 2013

Starting the Journey

Well tomorrow we officially start our journey on the 14 weeks mini pledge. I am excited but also a little nervous mostly with how the boys are going to take it. But we will find out.

Week one is : Eat two fruits and / or vegetables per meal.
This won't be hard since almost all of our meals we usually have a banana with breakfast,  a fruit and vegetable with lunch and supper. So this week shouldnt be to hard . So we added something to this week. We are not going to buy anything that has more than 5 ingredients in it. Yes this will definitely be a challenge! But I am excited to see how much we can get at the store with this rule. Should be interesting!

So here is the menu plan for week one of the pledge:

Breakfasts- ( this will be for all week)
                        - eggs and cinnamon raisin toast with orange slices or banana
                        -  Oatmeal with fruit
                        - whole wheat french toast, yogurt with berries
                        -  Berry smoothie, toast

Lunches-(choices for the week)
                       - grilled cheese and tomato soup, grapes/apple
                       - Apple sandwiches, cucumber slices,  granola
                       - Peanut butter sandwich( on whole wheat bread), applesauce, peaches
                       - Pancake sandwich ( cream cheese and homemade strawberry jam), applesauce, carrots
                       - Whole wheat pizzas, peas, apple slices
                       - Leftovers

            - Egg casserole, thawed berries and yogurt ( veggies in the egg casserole)
            - Whole wheat mac and cheese, salad, pineapple
            - Whole wheat banana pancakes, oranges/grapes, real maple syrup
            - Baked chicken, whole wheat noodles, corn and peas
            - Whole grain fettuccine ( going to try to make it homemade if I have time), Homemade Alfredo sauce, broccoli, mixed fruit
            - Quesadillas ( veggies inside), kids just have cheese with raw veggies, strawberries
            -  Homemade chicken nuggets, corn, leftover fruit

So we shall see how this goes :) If your are joining us on this adventure I would love to see what your menu looks like!  The more the merrier! Please invite your friends to follow and join us on this journey!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
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