Thursday, March 7, 2013

Love for animals

Today we went and picked up another member for our family.  The new member is a mini lop ear bunny. We have named it Smokey. We are so thrilled to have it here. Will be nice company for our rabbit Happy.

As I sit here and watch Kyle play, pet and talk to Smokey. It makes me so thrilled that he has such a love for animals. I was/ still very much am ( just ask my husband!) an animal lover. All kinds but mostly farm animals. It reminds me of when I was younger how you couldn't drag me away from the neighbors cows, horses, emu, ect. I wanted to be around animals all the time! My mom will tell you stories! haha

He is excited to maybe show Smokey at our local fair this year and that we maybe breeding our other rabbit Happy this year. He really wants to have baby bunnies around here to take care of!

I am just thrilled God has given Kyle such a love and passion for taking care of His Creators.  He will be such a good helper when we get our farm and have more animals to take care of.

Okay just a proud mommy post :) Hope you are all  getting ready for spring! I have been  in cabin fever mood lately.  As my hubby would say " you were having cabin fever when it got 33 degrees out!  hahaha

So true I am ready to get into the dirt and having my windows open ,watching the warm breeze moving the curtains in such a elegant and peaceful way. Watching the boys play in their dirt pile ( every boy needs a dirt pile! ), and watching our seeds start sprouting through the dirt.  Okay , I am a little excited about spring coming. haha

I hope you are all doing well! What is new on your homesteads ? Any new projects or maybe new members of your homesteads? I would love to hear about it!


P.S ~  Pictures will be coming soon of  Smokey!


  1. I've not had time to update my blog lately but we've been super busy around here. We got our friends pig and she will be here until time to butcher and I think we are getting a sweet old goat named Chloe. She doesn't produce milk but is looking for a loving home so she doesn't get put down And I figure it's a good way to learn how to be a mommy to a goat before we would have the responsibilty of breeding and milking! Plus we would be saving this sweet little lady by doing so! Our piglets are coming in the next few weeks too!! I love this post Katie, It makes my heart happy to read about kids playing in dirt!!

  2. Wow Georgia you sound busy too! That is great! I have to admit I have really missed this time of year! We will have to visit to see you and the piglets again! I told Tom any house we move to will have to have a dirt pile for the boys! They love it and when I was there age I had a dirt pile! Part of a simple life, just playing in some dirt! haha