Friday, May 27, 2011


Do you remember I told you about the female turkey we had just roaming around our neighborhood? Well we haven't seen her for a while and I was beginning to think something bad happened to her. Well I saw her on tuesday!! yay! And even more exciting she had about 6-7 little fluffy balls peeping and following her!!!!! I am so excited to see how they are going to grow. Even if they are wild and not mine I am still excited about watching them until we do get the chance to have livestock of our own! :)

Anything new and exciting around your place?  would love to hear!! :)

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  1. Every year we usually have baby bunnies and momma but I hadnt seen any till 2 days ago! Now almost every morning momma and her baby are out back eating! We had a robin nest on our porch and the kids loved watching the eggs until they finally hatched. Then we watched momma feed the babies until finally they left the nest! Such great expieriences fir the kids!!!!