Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well I added more to the big garden :) I wanted to make sure this year I could actually make some tomato sauce from the tomatoes from our garden or at least ketchup. So I bought some Amish paste plants (18 of them to be exact!) :) Hopefully that should do it! hahah We also picked up some watermelon plants as well. Never had success with watermelon, but I am determined this year to at least get one! :) Today is suppose to be pretty hot and humid, hope my plants survive! :) Picks to come of the big garden! Everytime I  go up there I forget my camera!

Plant anything new in your garden?? I would love to hear!

Have a wonderful day!!!



  1. I also planted Amish Paste this year, but only 5! I am also hoping to preserve them, but last year went with freezing the whole tomatoes and it worked great, but does take up freezer space. We will have to compare tomato notes!

    My other experiment this year are greasy beans. They are a southern type pole bean that my uncle in KY grew. They are called greasy because the hull is shiny rather than hairy like other green beans. Fun!

  2. Oh wow I have never heard of those. Let me know how the beans work out! :) I may have to try those next year. I did ketchup last year. I may freeze some tomatoes whole though this year too! :)

  3. Sounds great! So you have your garden and another? The rhubarb was awesome and I love trying new recipes!!!

  4. You won my contest!!! I need your complete mailing address. Please respond within 24 hours. :) email me at dollwoodfarms (at) gmail (dot) com.
    I am having issues leaving comments on posts, Blogger!! :(

  5. I'll show you what I have going on here when you come out tomorrow. Looking forward to our visit!! :-) Our garden is getting off to a very late start this year, but better late than never, right?!