Wednesday, May 4, 2011

garden '11

I haven't been here for a while and wanted to update on the garden. So far we have planted two rows of iceburg lettuce and 3 rows of spinach ( tom was less then thrilled LOL) . all are coming up great! Lots of salads this summer!

I have planted two rows of snap peas which are doing great as well! I am so excited I hope they keep up okay , last year they didn't produce very much. So hoping they produce alot more. I am going to plant a few more in amongst the ones that have come up. so hopefully that will help.

I have planted 4 broccoli plants ( yes once again Tom not thrilled haha) and they seem to be doing really well as well. I want to plant onions which I am behind on doing. I don't want to plant them while we are getting so much rain because the ones I did plant got drowned out or washed away :( so I will be trying to plant some this weekend if the weather is nice.

We have 4-5 rows of various carrots that are coming up through the ground and so are the 5 rows of beets that are coming up! yay!!! I planted a basil plant as well.
I just planted a row of red and green peppers the other day as well so hoping those come up.

I am going to go to hostetter's and getting a few tomato plants to plant.

I am also researching blueberry bushes. I am looking into getting 2 or 3 bushes to plant for next year. :)

The strawberries are doing great this year!! We have alot of blossoms on them. Kyle is very excited!!! :)( I am too)! I bought 3 plants to put in the one garden of them and will be getting a few more to put into the other patch.

In the garden we are doing at a friend's house while they are gone is in the works.
We are getting a ton of asparagus!! we planted potatoes and peas so far. But no sign of those hoping they didn't get rained out!
We are going to go up and start planting this weekend. We are going to plant corn, tomatoes, beans, peppers, lettuce, and some other things my mom is wanting to plant.

So things are busy around here gardening. We are still praying and waiting patiently for God's timing to get that homestead of our dreams. We know he has it out there somewhere! :) And we are excited to see it!!!

What are you planting in your gardens? I would love to hear!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and week!


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