Thursday, May 12, 2011

garden update

Here are some pictures of the garden so far, the first picture is of the new shade garden( aka the old compost pile ) we put in last night! Need to add some more plants , but very happy with it. We have 3 kinds of peppers green, red and yellow. Alot of onions ( I am thrilled about, Tom not so much! LOL)
The carrots are doing awesome I am quite happy this is my first year doing them.The cucumbers are just starting to peak through the soil! yay! Our beets are coming up really well too.
The picture in of the big metal bucket is where the red potatoes are planted along with a small section in the side garden.
The broccoli are doing really well, the sun is getting to them sometimes, but they are still doing really well.
I just planted a basil plant and some onions up front so hopefully they will do well too.
Spinach is doing awesome as well!! Yay again that will be my lunches!
And last but not least our strawberries are doing great, they are flowering and we can see some green berries on them!! Can't wait!
How is your garden coming?

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