Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's Hot!!!

For the past couple days here it has been SO HOT!  We reached a heat index of 104 today! YIKES!

My poor garden is feeling it too. I water in the mornings and even in the evenings, ( along with the bunnies) to help them along with all this heat. How are your gardens/ animals doing with the heat?

To help the rabbits out I have been filling bottle with water and freezing them. This way they have something to lick but they also like to lay against the bottles to help them stay cool. Along with ice water in there waterers and cold carrots from the fridge! :)

Anyone getting lots to can yet from their gardens? I have gotten some pickles done but got most of the cucumbers from a friend. We are getting tomatoes here and there but nothing that I can really can up.

I hope you all are staying cool!

Happy Homesteading!


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