Saturday, July 20, 2013

Are any of you couponers?

     I am just curious how many of you are couponers out there? I am one and even have the binder to prove it! LOL I know my husband just smiles and shakes his head. (It's okay if you want to do that too) :) Have you couponers notice that it is getting harder to get good deals with your coupons, then it was before? I feel the store prices are going up and the coupons are going down in savings. Plus a lot of the stores coupon policies have gotten a lot stricter!  What have you done to still save with coupons or have you just given up?

       On top of using coupons I go to my discount grocers. Around my area that is Sharp Shopper. Have you heard of it? A lot of people ask me does it really save you that much money? Oh yeah! Now yes you have to watch expiration dates. But you can find some really great deals!
       Others have said you can't find healthy stuff there it is all junk food. That is not true! I have found a lot of organic things there, also a lot of low sodium, etc. I find that instead of paying almost four dollars on a box of cereal at the store ( yeah I almost fell on the floor when I saw that the other day). I can find a box of cereal that may have two weeks till it expires but like cereal ever lasts that long in my house! haha

     So I encourage all of you, those who are on a tight budget, just wanting to save a little, or even those that are just curious about what in the world I am talking about , go check out one of your discount grocers. You will be amazed at what you can get for a small amount of money and it gives me a day off from my coupon binder!

Happy Shopping!



  1. and also most coupons usually expire within 30 days. Back when I first got married and started couponing, there were a lot of coupons with no expiration dates. Miss those days! :)

  2. Kris,

    My mom said the same thing! She said when you girls were younger the amounts were higher and there were no expiration dates! That would be nice to have again!

  3. I really miss Sharp Shopper! There aren't any discount grocers around here. :-( Our grocery bill really jumped since moving here, but we find other ways to save. The temperate climate means less heat in the winter and less AC in the summer. Also, shopping at the farmer's market really saves on our groceries too. I may have to run & do a "stock-up" at Sharp Shopper the next time we visit PA. ;-)

  4. Jenny I agree with the farmers market too. We save on produce by going to Roots (our local farmers market here) and get in season produce for cheap!