Friday, December 2, 2011

It's that time of year agian!

Christmas is upon us again! I love this time of year and not because of the presents or the Christmas dinner! haha I love Christmas because it is such a wonderful time to spend with my family again and to celebrate the birth of Christ together. That to me is the best gift in the world!
   It also is a bitter sweet month for me and my family. We lost someone in December of '03 who was a huge part of this family and made a huge impact on me , even though I was on a wrong path at the time, this person was my grandfather. He was an amazing, solid Christian man. Every December I think about him and how much I miss him. I wish he was here to ask , what should I do?, What do you think about this?. He is the person I think my mom and I got our love for farm life from him. I know he is proud of me and the dream of having a farm is bringing a smile to his face. :)

On another note about Christmas. Presents: this is a part of Christmas I find myself getting caught up in. I find myself going oh I would love this or oooohhh I want this so bad. And really I don't need it. We have been working on asking for things that would could really use and not just feel like we need. We are also working on giving more homemade gifts this year. I think they mean so much more then something bought.

What are you guys doing for Christmas presents this year?  Are you doing homemade?? What does Christmas time mean to you? I would love to hear and any great ideas for homemade gifts! :) Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


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