Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's seed time!

I love this time of year! The seed catalogs come pouring in and my mind goes in so many wonderful places! What should I plant!  We still have a big garden we are doing while friends of ours are still away we get to use. So I want to get a decent haul this year since we won't have that garden next year. We don't have much room at our house for gardening, so we will be doing a lot of container gardening. I am also looking forward this year to add to our berry patch some blueberry bushes. Does anyone have a breed of blueberries they love and would recommend? I will be also buying some vegetables in plant form at our local hardware store closer to spring/summer. Since in our house we don't have alot of room to start seeds.
     Have you gotten any seed catalogs yet?! What are you planning on growing this year? I would love to know! Have a wonderful Day!

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  1. Katie ,we got 6 Blueberry Bushes planted them last year ,We got them at Stauffers .They are very hard to grow! This will be our second year One thing we learned is the Birds eat them fast .So this year we will buy a net to cover them!I do all kind of container gardening ,and Spinach ,Lettuces and herbs grow nicely!also Cherry Tomatoes .It is so much fun!