Sunday, January 2, 2011


Kyle has these farm video Called Summer on the Farm and winter on the farm. They are movies about life on a farm in Vermont. He loves watching these and can tell me all the terms for milking and all the farming equipment. He told me He would love to live on a farm and have some farm animals. It melts my heart that he already loves farm life even if we don't have one. He is already excited about planting the garden this year ( I have to admit I hope spring comes early, because I'm excited too :) )

This just gives me more of a push to get our dream farmette someday. So he can grow up in the country and with all the animals he loves. :)

I am taking every minute I can get to write on here and research as much as I can about homesteading, gardening (thanks to my in-laws for the greatest gardening book! The Vegetable Gardener's Bible!) , also about raising animals, getting our goat business plan written out and what other animals we would like to have on our farm ( beef cattle, chickens and maybe one dairy cow (who I will be naming Daisy :) )

We know God has a plan for us and from so much encouragment from my parents I am certian we will have a farmette it may not be this year but someday! And I can't wait! If anyone has any good farming, gardening books, animal books let me know! :) We are trying not to watch as much tv so we can research and dive into amazing books by amazing authors who are doing what we would love to do!

So if you have a dream it may not be this, but keep your spirits up and just know God has a plan and it will all work out, maybe not the way we want it to but it will .
Well I am off to read the Encyclopedia of Country Living. Have a wonderful evening and great start to the week!


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