Monday, January 31, 2011

Shopping trip 1/30/11, plus menu plan

Well I went to Giant and got 3 free wholly salsa and 3 free wholly queso. I got alot of cheese singles and cream cheese! I had a total of 73.35 before coupons or store savings. My total with coupons and store savings was 23.07!! I was thrilled. I had $50. 86 of savings! Sorry no pick this time but i had to get stuff away when I got home. :)

I did go to weis , not so good there. I did also run to CVS to get a deal on mouth wash. that is about it for shopping this week. Next week I will try to post pics.

Menu plan for this week:

Monday: Shake n bake chicken, veggie and either potatoes or rice
Tuesday: Hamburger Helper, veggie and bread with jelly
Wednesday: Grilled cheese and soup
Thursday: Meatloaf, noodles and salad
Friday: Mac and Cheese, salad
Saturday: Spaghetti and garlic bread, cut up veggies
Sunday: pancakes

What are you having for dinner???:)

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