Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finacial Freedom!!!

Tom and I are on a journey to financial freedom!!! Yay! We are adapting ourselves to a healthier way of spending. Not that we were out of control but we are more determined then ever to become debt free, not including the house right now , but trust me it is on the list. We are doing the Dave Ramsey snow ball attempt which I love. I have read his Total Money Makeover, and Highly recommend it, don't buy it get it from the library! :) I am in the midst of his other book financial Peace book, which is also another great read! And on top of that I listen to his show on the radio( live everyday from 2pm-5pm while getting the house clean and cooking dinner. People call in and ask him finacial questions, I have had alot of questions I have had answered just by listening.
He is a very inspirational, take no excuses kind of guy. He makes you get excited about becoming debt free, and tells you how it is. Such a motivator!

This is our only big thing we want to get done. We are going to use cash for most if not all our transactions. If it isn't budgeted in then we don't get it. We only buy things we need not want. Go on a "rice and beans" diet , as dave ramsey says. We have gotten rid of all our credit cards, we are working on getting our savings up , debt payed off and fully funded emergency fund for 6 months living expenses. (that one scares me LOL Big number!)

We are looking for anything we can do to get money to put toward our debt. Selling things on ebay, we are going to weed/ mow lawns for people in the summer, I am continuing cleaning houses, selling baked goods, selling vegetables, plant seedlings,etc. whatever we can think of we will do :)

Are any of you on this journey? How is it going? Are you doing Dave Ramsey or are you doing a different method? I would love to hear!
Have a wonderful day!


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