Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Loving what I have (being content)

This Christmas was so wonderful! We got Kyle a few items and didn't go over $20. Tom and I agreed that becoming debt free would be a better gift to each other then getting something for each other. We are learning to be content with what we have. We are buying things we only need and nothing else, sometimes it hard but we just think about having no debt. So we are on our financial Journey and hopefully if we keep plugging away at everything like we plan we will be debt free before we know it!!

Even though we live in a 650 sq. ft. home with two bedrooms and one bath. We are content, because some day this house will be paid off and we will be debt free and own it! :) So if sacrificing square feet to keep us out of debt, I am all for it!

I have been listening to a man named Dave Ramsey. He has an awesome story and just tells the truth to peoples face, which I really like. I have also read his book and wow talk about motivated! I would highly recommend reading his book and listening to him on his website.

So I hope you check him out and get sooo motivated to get out of debt too! :) Also remember God will provide the things we NEED , so don't be scared to down size and live below your means to get out of debt. That is what I want to do, not only to get us out of debt, but also to make a bright future for our boys and for our retirement and life journey! :)

Hope you are inspired to do something about your debt and to just be content with what you have and knowing GOD IS IN CONTROL!!

Let me know how your journey is going!! I would love to hear and for us to keep each other motivated! We can do this!! :)

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