Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Why do I do this?

As I am sitting in the office, I can hear the wind whipping outside. Another cold night and time to go do the feeding. I dread it, just like I do every night it is cold like this. The  everyday going outside to break the water in the  troughs that froze over (even during the day).The hauling of buckets filled with cold water, as your hands feel like they are about to fall off.  Making sure the animals have extra bedding and are locked up for the night to stay warm. Check the heat lamp is working for the baby kids.  Some nights I come in and think to myself, "Why in the world am I doing this?! I could just not have animals and be able to stay in my warm house snuggled in a blanket with a good book!".

It is because I love it!

 Love going into the barn to be greeted by all the goats running to me , saying their hellos. And the babies as they run and jump off me in excitement. It's going into the chicken coop, after running from the harsh snow that is stinging my face, to hear them talking quietly amongst themselves. It's feeling a warm egg in my frozen hands to give me warmth on my walk back into the house.  To see my boys out with us hauling water and food to the animals in this weather and hearing them laugh and talk to the animals even though it feels like single digits.

That.... that is why I do this.

To be able  to use those fresh eggs from our chickens to make a delicious meal for my family. To cook vegetables that I sweated and took hours to prep, can and freeze to feed my family.

That is why I do this.

To feel the dirt between my fingers once the ground has thawed in spring. As I begin to plant a small seed that will produce delicious, nutrient rich vegetables for us to enjoy through the long winter months.

That is why I do this.

To feel closer to God in all the nature that is surrounding me. To feel so blessed with all that we have been given. To want to be a ministry to others as we live this way.

That I why I do this.

~ Katie

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  1. Very Encouraging Post Katie!! Very few in this World Understand it ..I am so thankful you have learned at such a young age to Enjoy this kind of life!