Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 goals

I know it is already the end of January and I am now just getting to post our goals this year for the homestead.

I have made two other separate goals of Marriage and personal. As well as Tom and I have made Financial and Homestead goals.

Okay so here are our 2015 Homesteading goals:

1) We would like to look into solar for running our fences off of to lower electric use.
2) Raise more chicks (6) for laying hens.
3) Install fencing around our garden ( we have a major deer problem, if you have an helpful hints I would love to hear them!)
4) Raise and butcher meat chickens( starting small with just 6 or so this year to see if it is something we want to continue to do)
5) Plant some berry bushes and fruit trees ( this is a maybe depending on if we can find a bargain or not)
6) Grow a large garden ( can and freeze as much as possible!)

I am going to continue to strive for making a lot of things from scratch food wise and using my laundry line to cut our electric bill down. I would like to look into a propane or wood stove for our upstairs living room as well for next winter.

There they are , our goals for this year. We didn't want to make to big of a list, since this will be our first spring and summer on our homestead.

Do you have an homesteading goals for this year? I would love to hear them!


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  1. Great Goals ,I am looking into making a root cellar ! ;) Just so many idea's floating in my head ,:)