Monday, January 26, 2015

We have babies!

As I sit at our dining room table writing this, I look out the back door and see a new coating of fresh and fluffy snow. All is quiet and enjoying the time to be with the Lord in my devotions.

Cupid our one doe had triplets on Jan. 14th during the night. It was a rough night to say the least. Tom was recovering from a stomach thing and I went out to check on everyone as usually, like I had done for the last month and half to see if anyone had started labor. ( I was anxious if you couldn't tell ha!) So when I went out and Cupid was talking to me, she doesn't do that much, and laying down and get up again a lot. I had a feeling something was happening. So I gathered our kidding kit and made camp out in the barn. I came in to make a quick dinner for the boys and Tom, then headed back out with my snack of animal crackers.

When I got back out to the barn Cupid was starting to lay down and do pushes! yay!!! While I was on my computer, with some amazing women who know goats and were helping me prepare for the delivery, I felt something in my pocket. Yep you guessed it a goat head! My mom's goat Eli , decided that he should eat my animal crackers since I was getting to them fast enough! haha. I needed a little humor at the time and now I know his favorite snack.

Anyway back to the labor...... So it was time to get the other goats their dinner , while I was doing that and Cupid's water broke and delivery was on, or so I thought. The ladies on the goat chat were asking did I see a nose or a okay wait a little. So finally one lady said if you feel comfortable to go in and feel the do so... So I gloved up and felt around,"A hoof !"I thought. Oh wait... that was a hoof that was a tail! As I typed in I have a breech, the ladies all jumped in giving me advice. I ran in to ask Tom if he could come out, because we had a breech and I couldn't reposition it correctly. So he came out and tried , but couldn't. We were about to call the vet, but I kept thinking I don't want the baby or Cupid to die,  so I went in a again and repositioned the baby's legs the correct way. And a beautiful buck was born at a whopping 10lbs!

Then she started to push again about a half an hour after delivering the first. She had no problems with that delivery and had another gorgeous buck at a whopping 11lbs.! And last but not least she delivered a doeling at 9 lbs.

Buck #2


Buck #1

Well they are almost 2 weeks of age and the boys are thriving. Bouncing and romping around like crazy! The doeling who the boy have named Caitlin , had a set back. Cupid wasn't feeding her and pushing her away. Saturday we had quite the scared and thought we were loosing her, but thankfully she is doing great now. She is for now residing in our kitchen ( which the boys are loving), we are currently bottle feeding her to get her weight and strength back up. The 4-6 hourly wake up calls for us to get up. If really does feel like having another newborn in the house. Though we are all really enjoying having her in the house and seeing her thrive, we do have to keep reminding the boys when she gets strong enough we have to put her back in the barn. Which they are sad to hear, especially Kyle he is a real animal lover ( just like his mom), but I know I will enjoy the snuggles while I can!

~ Katie

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