Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Is it Spring yet?!

Oh Spring, where are you?! There is still snow on the ground but the sun is coming out this morning.

My mind has been drifting these days of garden plans and seed starting. Fruit trees to plant and berry bushes to buy.

The snow is still here but my hear and mind are in spring. The laundry flying in the warm spring breeze and the chickens digging in the warm dirt.

I got my seed order back in December! haha  I am so ready for Spring to be here!

I wanted to share my seeds for our garden this year with you. So here is what we will be planting:

And before I forget, we purchased our seeds from Baker Creek Seed Company, if you haven't seen their site I would totally recommend it! They have so many seeds, I would buy them all but I don't have enough land! Ha!

Okay back to business.

Peas- Improved Maestro

Pepper- Horizon Bell (purple)
              Golden Cal Wonder ( yellow)

Tomato- Amish Paste
               German Pink (great for canning)
               Mortgage lifter
            Blue Lake Bush 274

          Little Finger (good for eating!)


               Squash Alligator or Jacare ( great for pumpkin pie, keeps really well)

              Waltham 29

               Cucumber Muncher (Burpless great for eating fresh or pickles)

          Red romaine

             Fordhook Zucchini (freezes well)

Corn- (this will be our first year growing corn, we will be purchasing another kind as well)
         Country Gentleman (shoepeg type corn) Freezes well

      Early Wonder

So there are the seeds for this year! Excited to see how they all do.

~ Katie

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