Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is a picture of our corn so far! Still to small to pick but getting there!

And the pictures of the bug I found on the green beans today. Anyone have any ideas what this is?? It is a worm of some sort wasn't sure if anyone new what kind. (Sorry the pictures are so blurry, it was tiny and my camera couldn't focus to well on it.)

These are pictures i wanted to post of our rain water barrels. This has really come in handy when we don't get a lot of rain for a couple of days. :)

Does anyone else have a rain barrel system? I would love to know what yours looks like or how you collect your rain water!


  1. Hi! I found your site through a comment on New Life on a Homestead. I'm Katie too, and I hovered over your name b/c I couldn't remember if I left the comment (Ha!). Anyhow, I don't have rain barrells yet but we are working on it. Yours is the first I've seen sitting on it's side like that. Do you like it? Is it better than standing it up and down?

  2. This was our first time using rain barrels. We didn't want to put any holes in them, used the holes that were already on the top of the 55 gallon bottles. So that is the main reason we have them on it's side. We have another 55 gallon jug but we haven't hooked that one up yet.

    Yes we love having it. Especially when it is dry like this summer was for us. It really helps save the $$ on water. :) I don't know if is better or not. For us it is maybe better because the ground around our house slants toward the spout. So it may work better for us this way then standing up. :)

    Good luck with your rain barrels! Hope you think they are great too. Thank you for the comment! Have a great day!