Saturday, September 12, 2015

You know you have a turkey...

I never thought I would write about having a turkey, but some experiences you have to write about. Many told us that turkeys are dumb animals,  I have to agree on some degree they are a bit on the dumb side. Example: during a rain storm while all the other animals are running for shelter our turkey Thanksgiving finds it a better idea to run around  squawking.

I think they are actually very smart! During feeding time he doesn't wait with the chickens to get feed with them ( I mean it s just some scratch and there are 12 to compete with!). Thanksgiving decides to wait in the goat pen for their feeding time ( I mean corn, molasses and other good stuff), while the chickens are scared to get in there ( they may get a scrap or too) the turkey dives in and is right in the dish. I mean a may be 15-20lb. turkey going up against a 100lb. goat! The goats don't mind him and he eats right along beside him. So I think compared to the chickens he is a very smart turkey!

While I am picking grapes guess who is under the vines, waiting for the extras to drop to the ground.. yep you guessed it Thanksgiving. Are the chickens, nope, the goats ( I hope not then we have other problems! haha)

Then there are a few frustrations with owning a turkey,

1. While trying to plant mums in front of barn, you have to work quickly while having near misses with a certain turkey's beak. Because said turkey thinks your fingers in the dirt are a bug!

2. When you look out the window on a gorgeous day to see said turkey, taking huge beak fulls of your tomatoes that had just ripened and were going to be make into sauce or sold at our stand! AH!
( I am sure my neighbors think I am a little crazy as I have been none to run out and yell at the turkey to get him out of the garden! HA! and this may or may not have happened a few times in pajama pants!)

3. When you go and feed the cats only to hear loud peaking from the deck and the turkey ( and chickens) have discovered a new source of food!

4. Arriving home from a long day of errands, to discover a turkey has decided to go for a swim in your pool and didn't make it out ( this was our other turkey, Gobble).

Even with the frustrations of having a turkey , I am enjoying the adventure, the stories and in Nov. the meal he will bless us with. I can't wait to raise more next year!

Have any of you raised a turkey? What was your experience like?


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  1. Katie, thank you for such a lovely post! It made me laugh and think of how the little things can bring such joy. Life is intermixed with the highs and lows of living. Some days are a mix of both. We can be having a rough day and God sends us something to make us laugh such as your turkey trying to get your fingers because he thinks they are a worm. Having poultry is a challenge at times. I remember running out of the house many times trying to stop my chickens from tearing up the pine straw from my neighbors tree than lined our property.I always raked it back into place.I hope to have the chance to let my new neighbors (we moved) think I am the crazy chicken lady.Blessings to you, Diana