Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Just another day on the homestead

Today I woke up early got some laundry done, got my shower , getting ready to sit and do my devotions, when I  hear little foot steps coming up the hall. A certain 5 year old woke up early! So I went on about my morning of getting the boys breakfast, getting them to not read so much and eat more at the table, boys dressed, lunch packed. And finally got my coffee to take the boys out to the end of our driveway for the bus and then I was off to work.

So I go and open the door where I am greeted by 21 loud chirps! Yep, the meat chickens escaped their pen and decided they wanted to be free ranging chickens like our laying hens. So needless to say I through back my head with a loud, " UGH".  I told the boys to go ahead and stand down the driveway so if the bus came they could go on, while I wrangled the chicks back to their pen.

So as I walked to their pen the loud chirping followed me in a pile knowing I am the "food lady"! Thankfully the birds are lead by their stomachs so they are easy to wrangle. Finally got them all into their pen and left for work.

Got a bunch of  errands done, picked up Tyler from Kindergarten and home we went. Where... yep you guessed it we were greeted by meat chickens!( only 8 this time , but still!). I was at this point not in the mood for these guys. As I went in to put my things away and let the dogs out, I went in search of the chickens. I found them sun bathing in the dirt under the grape vine. So I shewed them back into their pen.

And as I write this I see them going after bugs and sunning themselves in the grass right in our front yard, yep they got out again. Today I just look out and smile. You win some you lose some! Ha!  They are enjoying themselves so much I will let them enjoy their time out there, and tonight figure out how they are getting out!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

~ Katie

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