Monday, August 4, 2014

We have finally made it!!!

Well we are here on our little homestead in the country!!!! We have been a week now and wow has it been busy. We have moved all our things into the house and the boxes are lessening, thank goodness!
It is starting to look like a home.

We have begun somethings on our homestead to get back ready for animals. We have planted pasture grass in the front yard which will be used for rotational grazing the goats. We will have about 4 paddocks. so we are hoping it grows well. We have been having  some wonderful rain showers to help the seeds along and beautiful sunny days as well.

The chicken coop is underway! My husband built a stand for our nesting boxes , the set up look like something like these nesting boxes. We wanted something simple and easy to clean out, which these looked the best. We are going to be using an old ladder to make their roost out of as well. Thank you Pinterest! haha   We will be getting some Easter Eggers chickens in 3 1/2 weeks. These types if you don't know , lay a pastel colored eggs. We thought these would be a nice kind to have for when we start selling them. Next spring we will be getting some Black Australop,Buff Oprington, and some Rhode Island Red. We still have not decided what type of meat chickens we are going to get, we are still researching that.

This week/weekend I am hoping to plot out the area for our garden next year. So we can plant rye and field radish to break up the ground. ( Plus using the chickens).

Only things left that we have done are hang temporary laundry lines till we can go and get the poles for the permanent line.

Other then that we have been just enjoying the quiet and beautiful sounds of the country, ( and the gun shots from the shooting range every once in a while )  haha.  We are so amazed and blessed that God has put us here and pray everyday we use it to His Glory! This Homestead is not ours, but His , we are just the managers of it.  We hope to use this homestead as a place of  fellowship, love, comfort, friendship, and to bring Glory to His Name!

~ Katie

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