Saturday, March 22, 2014

The chirps of baby chicks

There is nothing like the chirp of baby chicks to bring a smile to your face. I love the way they all look up at me, when I'm out in the kitchen making the morning coffee , and they do sweet quiet chirps as if to say good morning. It makes my heart happy when my boys talk to them like they are old friends and tell them about their days. They make us laugh  as a family as they try to learn how to fly!

We have had 6 chicks be part of our family for a little over two week and they have certainly stolen our hearts. The boys have named them all ( after their favorite Nascar drivers, of course). They keep me company as I do the dishes at night and sometimes my alarm clock in the mornings. But I wouldn't trade any of it!

We got these chicks so our family would have the chance to raise them , even though sadly we can't keep them when they get older. ( Its against our borough's rules ) So when they are to old to stay inside they will be going to a wonderful lady from our church , who was in need of more chickens. So we are glad they will be going to a wonderful home. Yes it will be sad and probably very hard for the boys and I to say good bye. We are sure going to make the best of the time we have with them.

The chicks do bring the dream of living somewhere , that we can keep the chickens we raise. But that time will come in the Lord's timing. For now I will enjoy the company of hello chirps they give with my morning coffee, the escapees who flew the coop and we have to catch, the smiles and laugh of my boys, and the dream that one day we will have ones that can stay.

Do any of you have chicks/ chickens?  What breeds do you like? We have Black Austrolp and I think they are beautiful, even as babies!

Happy Homesteading!

~ Katie


  1. Cant wait to see them :) Tomorrow ...Chicks are so much fun,Glad you got some !

  2. Thanks Tess! I can't wait to see you and michelle tomorrow! I have missed our chats together!