Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A hard decision

   Tomorrow my husband and I  make a hard decision that will put our dreams on hold for a couple more years. We will refinancing our current house to be able to pay it off. That way we can use all the money on the sale of this house to put a large down payment on the next house. This was a very hard decision to make for us because we have been wanting a homestead for almost 8 years now. So it is a bitter sweet time for us, especially me. When spring hits like this and it's almost time to garden, dreams of a big garden, goats, chickens, a cow and beautiful land come to mind. My heart aches for those things, but for now they will be put on hold again.

I know this is a good decision and when the time comes to sell with no debt and the money from this house we will be glad we did it. But right now the decision hurts and and makes me go , "really that long". Though knowing in 2 or so years will go by quickly and then the chance to have the Homestead we always wanted will be ours. I would like to ask for your prayers tomorrow as we sign the papers to refinance that we would continue to have peace about this decision and know that we are working toward our future that won't be that far off on our homestead. :)

Thank you all who read my blog, I know I don't say that enough. You guys are an amazing group of people and I am blessed to know you!

Hope you all have an amazing day!

~ Katie


  1. Praying for you as you take this step together!

  2. We will continue to search for our homestead though :) Thank you for your prayers!