Thursday, August 30, 2012


Fall is on it's way! Tuesday a friend od mine called and said they are has a half a bushel of apples they werent going to use , thhey wanted to see if i was interested. So me and they boys went and got the apples and started making stuff! I made a wholw crockpot of apple butter and then canned. Also made abiut 2 1/2 qts. When the farmwr gets more i will make more applesauce and some pie filling. What do you do with the apples ypu get? I would love new recipes to try! What is your favorite part about fall? Is it the cool weather, sweaters, bonfires,hot appple cider, crunchy leaves, changing leaf colors or maybe school starting again (iceberg nothing like "a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils") i really need to watch that movie again! (you've got mail, aka one of my all time favorite movies!) Anyway I would love to know how things are going on your homesteads! Thank you and have a great day! Katie (the farmers wife)

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