Saturday, November 12, 2011


Well I haven't  posted for a few days . My family had come down with the stomach bug. Yuck! Thankfully we are now better and getting back into the swing of things. :)

 Today I got raspberry bushes from a friend of mine that I knew in youth group, it was so great to see her again and she is on a simple life/ homesteading journey as well so that is awesome too! I get to have someone to chat with about that and share our experiences together! Can't wait to talk to her agian!

So back to what I was saying. She was so gracious enough to give me a bunch of their raspberry bushes. We both did some research and I am looking for anyone who has raspberries or has ever planted them. When is the best time to do so? We both found some articles that said fall is good and others that said wait till early spring to plant them . So any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Sorry this is such a short post. I will be working on menu plan tomorrow and will try to post it then . Hope you are all doing wonderfully! Anything new on your homestead? I would love to hear!!! :)



  1. Hi ,I am Michelle'S Mom ..I asked to be your friend On facebook .I am a Urban Homesteader .I raise Chickens ,Make my own soap and Live a real simple Life .My site is

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  2. I would get in touch with your local County Extension office to find out the best time to plant. :)

  3. Hi Michelle's mom! :) Thank you for stopping by my blog! It is great to meet people who like to do things like homesteading. Thank you for becoming a follower! I am looking forward to visiting your blog as well. Have a wonderful day!

    Dollywood- Thank you! I will look into that! :)